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Was there ever a (g)zdoom benchmark tool?

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I just found a text file in my gzdoom folder called benchmarks, and its contents are this:

Map MAP01: "entryway",
x = -96.0000, y = 784.0000, z = 97.0000, angle = 90.0000, pitch = 0.0000
Walls: 44 (0 splits, 0 t-splits, 176 vertices)
Flats: 18 (46 primitives, 258 vertices)
Sprites: 5, Decals=0, Portals: 0
W: Render=0.010, Split = 0.000, Setup=0.010, Clip=0.007
F: Render=0.013, Setup=0.002
S: Render=0.108, Setup=0.003
All=1.212, Render=0.147, Setup=0.027, BSP = 0.005, Portal=0.000, Finish=0.922
DLight - Walls: 0 processed, 0 rendered - Flats: 0 processed, 0 rendered
Missing textures: 0 upper, 0 lower, 0.000 ms
861 fps

I don't remember how I ran this or what I used. I'd like to run it again as I just did a major upgrade.

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For proper results, don't run it directly from the console. Bind it to a key, and then use that key to run the command.

bind b bench
If you execute that (from the console), you'll bind the command to "b".

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