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Gentle Morning Breeze

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I like joke's as much as the next guy, but standing on top of a 64 pixel stairs while hundreds of monsters infight each other to death isn't that much fun. Perhaps my Doom skills just aren't good enough to appreciate this map properly.

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clarence144 said:

Please let me know your thoughts.

The map is over-the-top and out of balance, just look at the item distribution in the first big room. Enormous monster hordes overwhelm and kill you quickly and unavoidably. The only strategy, which can prove as an efficient one, is camping the way Phml described (large + side cramped areas don't work well in slaughter-gameplay-oriented maps like this one). Once I realized it, I didn't feel like even trying to play the map properly. There are strange texture alignment issues, too.

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Canofbacon said:

I must suck at Doom then.

When I say she beat it, I meant we had a multiplayer game and we fought our way to the end and she hit the exit switch, and she played in God mode with unlimited ammo set and I also cheated but not as badly...

I recently got her playing cause we were bored and she only likes to play with cheats and wanted a level with more monsters ... so I came up with this thing.

I've made maps before but this is the first time I made one that was just for cheating and being impossible.

I thought I would then share it here and present it as a real level ... cause I'm a jerk.

But if you want to play it for legits, I would suggest getting 4 people in a network game ... and setting like a whole day aside and stocking up on Redbull.

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