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"In the Container of the Imp King" and "Phobos Anomaly" Mixes

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Oozes many much radical. Gotta love more simple synths, reminds me of some of the songs from the 70's and 80's.

The drums in the second track are kind of strange, though. Sounds like they're trapped inside glass boxes of some kind. It does sound like there's an almost almost mechanical muffling, so i guess it could fit the cyberdemon.

Maybe if they... 'broke out' somewhere in the song (the effect is removed for a while), it'd seem more intentional.

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D_E2M2.mp3 inside Doomsday Doom is awesome. Sci-fi 90s feel, hypnotic. Better speakers are recommended though (monitor speakers here).

It's not 70s or 80s, really it's a 21st-century mix. This sort of complexity and powerful sampler sound was not possible until about the early 90s. Everything sampled until about the end of 80s tends to have a rather limited sound (there are exceptions, such as E-Mu samplers Vangelis used on "Direct" and certain very heavy samplers with very low-fi sampling and very warm filters, but they still tend to sound thin/short).

The drums in D_E2M8.flac are slightly flanged.

That's a nice idea about dry output (or at least gradually less wet output).

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The instruments in the Mus_E2M2.mus mix are exactly the same as the original, including the goblin pad and ocarina, except for halo pad, which is played in a slightly fancier fashion. The halo pad part was split in two octaves and played by two separate synths, one for the bassy background drone (transposed down), and another one buzzing (playing the original notes).

So it's a rather faithful mix, the original trebley Sound Canvas halo pad sounded too goofy. Which is why it was replaced with the fancy arrangement.

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The drums in E2M8 sound more phased rather than flanged, do you have the feedback turned above 50% or something?

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