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Groupon, a way to ask for spam?

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There are several places offering deals. It used to be deals in bulk, hence the name. Now they don't care.

I'm starting to think its just a way for people to say yes spam me! Looking at the 'deals' I think well that's exactly what I'd pay for a ticket or a meal at a place. Like they just inflate their prices to Groupon it for the real price.

Heck some places there is literally no difference in price between a ticket bought on Groupon vs a ticket bought on the actual website.

I've had plenty of clients that have gone bankrupt and close catering to Groupon customers. They come once and never return. Groupon, Living Social and others encourage them that deal isn't deep enough!

What are your thoughts?

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I've never really looked into it, but I too had similar feelings towards that website. I used to look into coupon clipping but since Extreme Couponing exposed coupon doubling to the world, it's pretty close to impossible to clip a coupon that is worth anything anymore ("Buy 3 get $0.50 off!" you gotta be kidding me.)

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I really think it depends on the place offering the groupon. There's a pizza place not too far from my house that I always buy a groupon for when it's available. Why? Because its always the same - pay $20 for $40 worth of food and drink with the only catch being that you have to dine in. Mind you with deals like this I'm always using it when I dine with at least one other person, since I would otherwise have to order a few single serve pizzas to take home (which wouldn't be that bad actually). Other than that you are essentially doubling your investment of $20 so long as you use the groupon before the value expires.

There are definitely places that buy into it too much or think it will be their saving grace. There was another restaurant in the area that used to have the $20 for $40 deal consistently but that restaurant was ALWAYS empty. I used that deal once to enjoy myself 3 Stella Artois and a steak, only the steak & service wasn't that great and I ended up not going back. That place went out of business 3-4 months later.

Look for deals that actually make sense. If it seems like its offering you a ticket price/ meal deal that doesn't really save you anything then dont go for it. If its offering you a deal such as $15 for $30 worth of food at a location you like/are interested in visiting then why not? Right now there are half-price ticket options for haunted houses up here which I assume are intended to help sell more standard admission and VIP tickets. Nonetheless, they are legitimately half-priced compared to buying them on the haunted house websites.

So yeah, Groupon has its positives and negatives. I find it's more about looking for deals you yourself would find attractive (either by price or business).

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