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How do I everything? (SLADE 3)

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I want to make Doom maps, but here's the catch: I have no idea what I'm doing! (Actually, I just need to figure out how to make walls)


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Guyofdoom42 said:

Actually, I just need to figure out how to make walls

1) - Start by pressing the Spacebar to enter Line Drawing mode, use the mouse pointer to place the small green dot where you want to start (adjust the grid spacing if necessary with the bracket keys) then click on the dot to set the first vertex.
2) - Move the mouse pointer to where you want the first linedef (wall) to end and click again.
3) - Repeat step 2 for the other linedefs until you return to your starting point (3 linedef minimum for a valid sector), at which point Slade will stitch them together and exit from drawing mode.

Depending on whether the linedefs have been created in a clockwise or counter-clockwise order, you'll either create a valid sector in the void (with the front side of each linedef facing inwards, as indicated by the short right-angle lines) or a set of connected linedefs. It doesn't much matter which direction you draw when creating sectors within sectors.


Hope this helps.

Do either of these have a Linux version?

No. They both require .NET Framework, for which there mightn't yet to be a satisfactory work-around to get them running under Wine.

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