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This is a pretty challenging single player/cooperative map for Doom 2 that I spent about a week on-and-off creating. It's techbase-y, but I tried to incorporate a variety of colours into the map designs to keep it from looking too bland (inspired by John Romero talking about the blue carpet on E1M1). There's also some semi-complex scripts and features like breakable computer screens (4th screenshot) and a certain trick that I don't wanna spoil (you'll know it when you see it).

It should be compatible with any port that supports both OpenGL and UDMF, but I tested it with the most recent versions of Zandronum and GZDoom and it works fine.

http://puu.sh/ceRTs/e3b6417e4d.wad <<Download
(Right click and select "Save Link As" if it doesn't download when you click on it)


Lucifer Sam (edit) by Pink Floyd
Black Mountain Side by Led Zeppelin

Known bugs:
-The screen in the room with the berserk pack will send shards flying but not change to a broken texture
-Decals don't move with elevators

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Not bad, but the long-lasting corridor fights got old quickly, also I couldn't unsee heavy orthogonality. There are 2 berserk, 1st one freely given away and the 2nd one triggering an ambush, I've found it odd. I disliked the usage of breakable glass, it's pointless, sounds bad and out of place. I liked the HK ambush in RL room, it was well moderately challenging while easy to survive. I also liked the elevator movement script :). However, the way how you make the elevator usable was unobvious (pressing a panel in the central room after red door). Red key itself was a little unobvious to find too. This map contains a trollish death trap, triggered by the right switch behind red door. Final fight was rather tedious and non-challenging, I've used mdk cheat. I'd give the wad 2.5/5 stars if I could, otherwise 2/5.

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