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3dge source code outdated.

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On the 3dge webpage, I can't see any source code for 1.36 Final or 1.4A Test. Where are they?

Also, does 3dge have a svn/git/mercural/cvs/whatever repository?

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I'm an idiot. I didn't connect 1.36F with 1.36 Final in my head for some reason.

That still doesn't explain the lack of 1.4 source code or my question about repositories.


Tried compiling on 64-bit linux. Don't know why it isn't working, unless it doesn't compile on 64-bit linux.

edit 2: One more thing. Is there a way to disable having the doom 3 bfg menu picture override interpic without replacing doomintr directly? I would appreciate it very much...

edit 3: Why is splitscreen restricted to vertical 4:3? I was under the impression vertical was preferred for widescreen, while horizontal was preferred for 4:3.

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The 1.4A source code is not yet available, the executable that was sent to me is a test version without my current changes embedded. I thought it'd be fun to check out what we were working on at the time - I'll try to get the source and upload it.

The repo is not public, it is on our private SVN server. It shares a lot of code with a commercial project we're working on and we would rather not make it public until the game is actually released first.

The BFG interpic can be disabled by overwriting its entries in DDFIMAGE:
(just comment the stuff out below)

What I thought I was doing was replacing the lump itself, and did not realize at the time it was a PNG being replaced in DDF, which would override every other entry. It's an easy fix...it really should have just replaced the straight Interpic in the WAD using the palette itself so it didn't override custom interpics. Ooops.

And the splitscreen, I did not code much of that, but I'm sure it will be changed as time goes on.

About Linux - I do not use Linux, nor have any experience with it. I compile under Windows with MinGW and only use the XMING to compile for Win32. I would be of little help to you, unfortunately. I'm sorry :-(

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