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Missile attack alternated with evasion

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How can I make it so that an actor runs to cover, or at least simply moves, after firing a few "A_Firecustommissile", and then fire from that point? I would especially like it to be really impredictable and switch positions really fast.

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Use A_Chase("","") inside the Missile codepointer, let the monster walk without attacking for a while, then let it repeat its attack. Perhaps experiment with some random state jumps with A_Jump. Or use A_ChangeFlag("FRIGHTENED",1) to temporarily make it run away from the player, then you must make sure to change the flag back again (I recommend to do it in both Missile and Pain state). Check out A_FastChase too, it makes the monster randomly strafe while walking, or ThrustThing (it works in both ACS and DECORATE).

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