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Captain Toenail

Archvile Model

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I was just wondering if anymore images of the original Archvile model or concept art can be found online? I'm going to be making a 3D model of the monster for a short animation and I need reference material.

I've been combing the web and found a lot of stuff, but it's mostly fan art with artistic license.

This is what I have gathered so far: http://s209.photobucket.com/user/CaptainToenailSkulltag/slideshow/Doom%20Archvile
(I'm aware that the head sketch may not be the Archvile)

Also what's up with Archie's legs and arms in those pictures? Very oddly proportioned - is it just the angle or was it modelled this way? He's one goofy looking guy.

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Sorry man, I can't help you there. However, I can define that that head sketch is the Archvile. John Romero confirmed it on Facebook.

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