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Photography Thread

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Well since I'm big into photography. Here is a thread about it

My collection of film cameras and lenses. Tested all of them but the Pentax as it is the latest camera edition. my canon Rebel XSI was used to take the shot.

A few of my canon shots: (Digital)
More Mushrooms
Concert 1
Concert 2

Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL shots: (Film)

Exakta Twin TL Shots: (Film)

Chinon CM-5 Shot: (Film)
Sleepy Man

I'm happy with each camera. They all take good pictures with the current lenses I have for them.

I'm currently setting up to develope my own black and white film. Should be fun getting used to fumbling around in the dark with chemicals. will post some shots once I get my first roll developed.

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One can always do with more pictures of mushrooms, tamatos, and sleepy men.

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I've dabbled with photos. Did an Earth Science project that consisted of Dinosaur toys on real landscapes to illustrate it. Teacher thought it was cool. My Senior Year was whacked.

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Like the 2nd mushroom shot.

I used to be into the 35mm back when you had to take the film in to get developed and I certainly don't miss that crap.

My only camera now is a Canon A630 Powershot that I bought off eBay a few years ago and have take tons of pictures with it. The camera does a decent macro shot so that's part of the reason I wanted it. Will get a better camera at some point tho...


Old 64 Chevy Bel Air (not sure if bonnet or trunk) in teh woods.

Blackberry vines turning color..

Privet Sawfly

Moss Serpent

Face In The Clouds


U.S. Coast Guard ~ The Eagle

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Doom Dude: Cool. The flowers are pretty awesome, and that chevy looks sort of like a coffin.

I take some photos sometimes, usually just during the summer. I have a Canon Digital Ixus 970 IS camera. Been thinking I could get a new one some day.

Here's some..
Natrix Natrix
Brown Frog
Spinning around on a hill at night
Group Fun at the pond
Snake on hand
Bed side

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Doom Dude- Really like the shot of the Chevy Bel Air and the purple flowers.

Jimi- Nice Dragonfly and frog shots.

I had a Canon PowerShot SD790 IS that I used for a long time before getting my fancier canon. It takes really great macro shots for a point and click camera. It was just hard to get it to focus good enough well zoomed that far.

Small Flower

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Yeah Malinku, sometimes I have trouble with the A630 Powershot focusing on macro shots. I hate when I get that close and start making shadows on what I'm trying to capture. haha

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Prints from my first home developed roll of black and white finished up today.

I'm pleased with the results.

@Doom Dude yeah self caused shadows are a major pain.

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