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#DooM Speedmapping Session 2

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Hello there,

The #doom community over on irc.speedrunslive.com (composed mostly of speedrunners) held its second speedmapping session today. There were 9 participants and the session lasted for 2 hours, with Boom being the target compatibility. The randomly selected themes were "fireblu" and "tower ruins".

Feel free to try it out and post any thoughts. There are probably some bugs.


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map01 - kraflab

jump map around some tower ruins. i haven't played many platforming maps before so i don't know how it holds up in comparison but i didn't enjoy this so much. texturing was simple but effective, looks kinda nice

map02 - nub_hat

obvious joke map, unentertaining. skipped it after a few attempts.

map03 - paymentplan

very intense. nice choice of wood/marble theme, with very small water pools that would normally be avoided when speedmapping. however for all the detail the map was still bordered by a giant fireblu square. very intense and compact gameplay, could have done with the armor much earlier on.

map04 - shockblast4

very large, but just mindlessly placed hordes of monsters means slow grindy gameplay. seems there were some structural ideas that weren't realized because of mappers block (explained in the text file)

map05 - AD_79

hub layout, but thankfully only short distances to travel. reserved detailing provided a very pleasant and consistent looking map. pretty easy breeze through but enjoyable nontheless. nice little map

map06 - slashbane

seemingly random and very simple architecture and wide open spaces meant 90% of encounters could be run past. only the dual archviles posed any threat. appeared to be a joke map at first with fireblu weird shapes and SS enemies.

map07 - ezormer

lovely sprawling layout, punctuated with nice architecture. if it were to be retextured away from the fireblu/red/blue themes it could look very nice. gameplay was neutered by the plasma and abundant ammo through the map, but i enjoyed plowing through everything anyway. ended abruptly but such is the way of the speedmap.

map08 - PinchySkree

very cool looking outdoor area, very ruinous. the use of fireblu took away from the looks of this map, imo its a great texture when used reservedly but as a structural texture I think it's too obnoxious. after my first death (the chaingunners) i discovered the switch isn't necessary, and since most of the enemies can be easily skipped without consequences, i finished the map very quickly.

map09 - enterim

very simple map, the last room involved many rash attempts and relying on pure luck. very basic architecture, seems most of the time was spent making the tiny steps in the final room.

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SlashBane said:

SS enemies are serious business

It's only serious business when you have 1000+ SS enemies. Keep that in mind for the next session.

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AD_79 said:

It's only serious business when you have 1000+ SS enemies. Keep that in mind for the next session.


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