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CNDoom not recognizing DOOM.wad as an IWAD

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AD_79 said:

So, my CNDoom launcher doesn't seem to recognize DOOM.wad as an IWAD. Instead, this is what happens: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106557511/cndumb.png

Anyone know why this is? I believe this is v2.0.2.1.

d.WAD? looks like it detected your Steam version of Ultimate DooM IWAD.


you can try delete the d.wad if you have it and DOOM.WAD in your copy of Steam version of Ultimate DooM.
(Since it will be back if you verify the game cache or reinstall so I guess it should be safe to delete the redundant one.)

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Launcher searches for doom.wad or doom1.wad, so you have to rename the file to doom.wad to make it work.
I should implement some kind of wad check no matter the naming.

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