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This is a small "collection" of unfinished WADs that I spent at least a hour working on and have lost any interest in continuing making them.
Some of them are somewhat playable and some are... not.

complex.wad - Some UAC techbase I guess. Almost no gameplay. Requires CC4-TEX and GZDoom.
faults.wad - UAC techbase again. Almost no gameplay. Requires Boom and GOTHICTX.
fruitcake.wad - I have no idea what the hell is that. Certainly not a UAC techbase. I was trying to do 1024^2 map I guess. Few seconds of gameplay. Requires Plutonia and Boom.
mansion.wad - A mansion? Or a cathedral? Or a castle? Or I don't know and who cares really. Arguably has most (5 mins or so) of gameplay. Probably will require sv_infiniteammo 1. Also, GOTHICTX and GZDoom.
marblehouse.wad - Marble uhhhh... temple complex? Almost no gameplay. GOTHICTX and GZDoom.
rust.wad - UAC techbase, yay! There is some action but mostly not. GZDoom and CC4-TEX.

You can do whatever you want with those WADs including options as fun as not downloading them.

Some pics:


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