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Transferring 3D models

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I've finally gotten some decent editors onto my computer and have decided to learn to make my own levels. Between Doom Builder and Slade I've been having a great time--I've put in the Doom 64 monsters and the Playstation Nightmare Spectre, some textures from various other wads...it's fun. And of course if I want to publish it I'll get all the required permissions and give credit to the people whose content I've used. In the meantime...

I've found a pretty good pack of 3D models and would really love to be able to replace the Wolfenstein SS guy, because he doesn't mix with the other monsters. How do I move the model out of GZ-Models-r16 and into my wad? When I try, he's invisible! What's going on?

I hope you all are merciful and help me out. This wad could be pretty epic if I spend enough time on it. Like--a year. :P

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That first link goes a bit over my head, at least for the time being. I suppose I should be more specific as to what I've done:

I've copied the SS models and modeldefs into my wad, by copy-pasting them from the model pack PK3. As far as I can tell, it's not telling me anything is "not found". I fixed other errors that cropped up, like "path" not recognized, etc. No luck, though, they're still invisible.

If I load the PK3 and the wad into ZDoom together, it works exactly the way I want it to, but I'd love to be able to put everything into one file and have complete control.

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Nice! That seems to have fixed my problem with the Unmaker laser as well. I copied that model into your PK3 example, and voila! Now the question is how to copy my map into the PK3 so that it actually works. There's a ton of custom stuff in there, not just the map itself...or if I ever distribute it I could just distribute it as two files, one WAD and one PK3...

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