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Doom Connector - Doom/Quake/Eduke32/ZSNES/SRB2 ....etc Multiplayer Server Browser

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Wow, that screenshot is at least 6 years old... I still lived in the US..

Doom Connector was my very first baby step into online Dooming. The 1.0 version had a dark green background and there were flames behind the users in the lobby..

Funny, some of those people you see in that screen are still active members of the community. Doom Connector has basically been made irrelevant by IDE and by Doomseeker - They both provide a server browser (that is quite frankly way better than the one in DC) and you can get to any Doom-based IRC chatroom with a couple clicks.

DC had a lot of fun and interesting ideas though. For one thing it had the goal of supporting ALL source ports, IIRC, so Dooming choices were less limited in that sense. It also has cool features like the ability to play sounds, a user profile with a personal blurb and a decent buddy/PM system. If there were a resurgence, I would definitely be in on it.

DC will always have it's place in Doom history. Wasn't there an ill-fated attempt to revive it within the last 2 years or so?

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Without lying,when i started playing DOOM Back to 2007 i started by Skulltag and using Doomseeker then i begun using IDE ... but i never heard of that Program :I

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