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best MIDI sequencing software for Doom?

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I've tried to use anvil studio but I just don't like the interface. Plus it's super outdated. Is there a better software out there? I'm willing to pay money if that's what it takes.

Thanks :)

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There's a ton of threads that already use the same question, but some good programs for MIDI would be Anvil Studio, Cakewalk, and FL Studio.

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scifista42 said:

Just to clarify: when we say Cakewalk we're talking about Cakewalk's Sonar Studio X3, right? I'm pretty sure that's what they've replaced "Cakewalk Studio" with but just wanting to be sure.

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Has anyone used aria maestosa? Its open source and it has a nice interface. I think it may lack some important features that people cant do without, that's only my guess. I dont know any opinions about it and I wonder if its worth staying with.

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