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D_E1M5.mus and D_E1M6.mus Mixes

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Somebody said that they'd like more "ambiental" mixes, so here comes a pair.




For Doomsday, the *.mp3 files can be thrown directly to \Doomsday\Data\JDoom\Music.

For ZDoom, FLAC/MP3 files can be placed in a \Music directory, which then would be packed to a Zip file with extension changed to .pk3, and added to ZDoom with a -file Music.pk3 switch.

The D_E1M6.mus mix is called "Dancing with Shotguns" as it reminds of Aram Hachatourian's "Sabre Dance" (a more precise translation is "Dancing with Sabres", sometimes it's translated as "A Dance with Sabres"). E. g. see


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I honestly don't hear the similarities, but at least I now know the name of that song. Sabre Dance...

I like them, they don't do too much new, but the instrumentation and and style remind me of 3DO Doom. So that's pretty cool. Hey, great.

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"New" is not the intent. It's just the soundtrack meant for whichever ports can play the files. The goal is more of an accurate rendition rather than any fancy out-of-tempo remixes and such...

There are some new samples though, the drumkit, and the guitar slide noise in "Suspense".

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