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Light mode in GZDoom

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I'm curious--what light mode do you prefer in GZDoom? When I play it's hard to decide which one I should be using. "Standard" seems like it should fit for anything because it's, you know, standard...but then since I'm always playing Doom, "Doom" seems appropriate. The others don't interest me as much because "Bright" seems like it would be cheating and "Dark" seems like it would make some levels impossible.

Anybody agree? Disagree? It would help a lot to know for a WAD I'm making--I'd know what light level to test it in. :)

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I use "Doom".

Some explanation:

'Standard' doesn't mean Doom's standard - it means a standard linear OpenGL lighting with standard fog settings. This is how the engine started but it's obviously not particularly close to Doom's lighting.

'Dark' was the first attempt to emulate Doom's lighting a bit closer - but it was somewhat limited because it had to work without shaders.

'Bright' was just an attempt to mix the two (lighting from 'Standard' with fog from 'Dark') because 'Dark' was just too dark for a few levels and 'Standard' simply doesn't really look that great.

'Doom' is an extension of 'Dark', using shaders to brighten the area directly around the player.

'Legacy' is the lighting curve of Doom Legacy's hardware renderer. I implemented that when I tried to make Phobia: The Age work but ultimately gave up on that mod.

'Software' was an external code submission to get something closer to how the software lighting looks but since I never was a fan of that look I rarely use it.

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I also use the "Doom" setting. It seems to me like the best one. The name aside, it isn't too bright or dark.

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I use Software mostly but some maps are aggravatingly dark so I use Legacy or whatever for that wad.

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