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Shift's Sounds! Pain Bringer (Hell knight) and Orbtick (Caco) Sounds

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I put together these sounds in an afternoon, using Raymoohawk's sprites as inspiration. I intended for them to be used for the Hell Knight and Cacodemon, but you may use them for something else if you wish.

Here they are in a Zip, WAV Format: http://www.mediafire.com/download/grn8x1hwj6phv58/HissAndPain.zip
And in a WAD and Doom Format: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tmhbk8vf1bpkggq/HissAndPain.wad

I intend to make sounds for some of the other missing slots, if/when I do, I'll post them in this thread!

Note: I know the Caco already has a wake sound, I just felt like making another for consistency with the death.

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I like these sounds. The Orb's alert sound is an improvement over the current one.

They could benefit from being a bit louder though, particularly the Pain Bringer. Doom sounds tend to be quite loud, and quieter sounds tend to get lost. :P

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