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a stupid map by zan-zan-zawa-veia

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first there's a doom modding competition on battle of the bits dot org - so far I'm the only entrant and frankly I don't wanna win with a map this stupid

secondly here's the level: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68828237/sminky2.zip

thirdly I wanna see a demo of someone actually beating this on UV, taking the exit behind the only cyberdemon.

screen shots:

current technology!

professional texture alignment!!

believable exteriors!!! (plus professional monster placement!!!!!)

and introducing... woeful triangular geometry!!!!!!!!!!!!

in fact... the music is the only good part! have fun!!

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But seriously, how do you expect this map to be done on UV with 400+ monsters and only about half the required ammo to kill them? Worse, most of the ammo is placed in the later stages. I did it on HNTR with 100%/100% and it took almost 20 minutes, what would be a UV Max like, an hour? More than double the monster count on UV with only one extra box of bullets to compensate ...

That's not to mention that figuring out how the map works takes a few hours. This level is not half bad, though; and the music is wonderful (I'd say it is the best part), but I won't go into detail here, keep an eye on the upcoming T/nC #473 instead.

EDIT: Well, fsck me, it is possible after all! Monsters inadvertently using up crucial W1 lines proves useful, for once, heheh. The demo is here.

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EXCELLENT WORK! I really appreciate you sticking with this map, knowing it's something of a messy and conceptual sprawl. The plan in my mind was always for the player to play in a scavenger-hunt style way, causing in-fights and picking off the survivors with the berserk fist, but then again, I know this type of plan takes hours to pull off properly and I put so many monsters on UV that it is sort of a joke in any case.

The initial teleport skip was especially good thinking :)) thanks for these demos, I don't mind if you're harsh about the level when it's time for review, since it's so non-standard and garish in places.

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Oh, you're welcome.

You can actually edge past the teleport trigger at the start by hugging the wall to the right and attempting a wallrun; although I was only able to pull it off twice.

Another thing I forgot to mention is about your DUFFINRY.LMP. The reason it desyncs in Prboom-plus and Chocolate Doom is because they fail to autodetect the demo version correctly.

Apparently, you recorded it with the Ultimate DOOM exec, DOOM.EXE and not DOOM2.EXE from DOOM 2 Hell On Earth. Demos like this are very rare, I can only think of D2 and Final DOOM demos recorded with Doom95 as theoretical examples. Those, too, most likely will desync with DOOM2.EXE and play correctly with DOOM.EXE from UD. The main difference is Lost Souls' behavior. In Ultimate Doom they bounce off flat surfaces, in D2 they don't.

In short, DUFFINRY.LMP will play properly (the player dies at 10:19 into the demo, steps away from the exit) if you use "-complevel 3" with Prb+ or "-gameversion ultimate" with Choco.

I also did a UV Max (check your PM) of Meep Keep today. That was a fun little map. The texture complaints about it on /idgames db are caused by the fact that you used Tutti-frutti and Medusa as design features. Boom-derived ports fixed those bugs, so you need vanilla or Choco to display the textures the way you intended. Without that the textures in many places look very odd rather than spectacular.


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