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MFG_E1M1 aka Another Damn E1M1 Remake

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E1M1. The map that started it all. The map that most Doomers remember as their first sight when they stepped into the world of id Software’s revolutionary game. The map that has spawned numerous recreations in different styles. And here’s my take on it.

MFG_E1M1 aka Another Damn E1M1 Remake was an effort with which I attempted to create a map within the limitations of the vanilla Doom engine. It is also the first map which I designed for Doom instead of Doom 2. The map was tested in Chocolate Doom as it was constructed to ensure full vanilla compatibility. The map is also fairly small, but it's not a speedmap, although it could easily be seen as one.

Download link: https://mfg38.github.io/files/doom_wads/mfg_e1m1.zip

Edited by MFG38

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Hmm... From my point of view, this has nothing to do with E1M1. Keys? Chaingun? Demons? Baron??? There are more things that actually put the map down. Monochromatic texturing, particularly jarring in the outdoor area. Very distinct "boxiness", with pointless ceiling lights that only eat DRAWSEGS, which the vanilla engine doesn't like. Layout = just orthogonal rooms with default ceiling height connected together without a thought. Gameplay = the dullest possible straightforward corridor shootage. Baron in the exit room was another terribly pointless choice.

To sum up - your mapping style could use much more variety and much more challenging and entertaining gameplay.

Sorry that I can't say much good about the map. If that's what makes E1M1 for you, it's interesting, but I don't really sympathetize.

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Yeah, I'm not seeing it either. As it is, there isn't much in this map to write home about. It's very flat; E1M1 was built to showcase Doom's newfangled height variations. It's very square; E1M1 had all those angled walls and that zigzag thing for a reason too. It's very linear and has no secret areas which is also kind of the opposite vibe of E1M1. Like scifista42 pointed out, the use of keys, the baron and several textures not used in E1M1 distance it from that map even further.

I guess my main suggestion is to see what some height variations and more creative architecture can get you. E1M1 had a surprising amount going on for a first level, and is indeed one of the better inspirations for good level design, but I'm just not seeing it here.

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But it has an outside area guys, it's just like E1M1!

This has to be a jokewad of sorts. And what's the deal with random secret sector?

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