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Walter confetti

super spooky skeletons for your late Halloween delight!

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warning: may be not be super spooky, but sure have skeletons!
Anyway, i made a level for Heretic under the 300 linedefs lmit.
Will eventually turn into a complete episode.


Heretic, vanilla compatible.

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Nice start to a new episode. Always like seeing more Heretic. The closet 'door' that opens with linedef tag 7 is not a door. Your floor and ceiling heights are set to the ceiling height of 112, not the floor height, so it never opened. You might also want to tag all the outdoor teleport linedef tag 4s as monster-block. An Imp used the teleport and was stuck because the teleport destination is tagged monster-block. Or you could leave it as a nice telefrag way to kill monsters without using ammo.

Looking forward to the rest of the episode.

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Not bad at all. Heretic is a slower-paced game than Doom, so that it often relies on tedious combat for the sake of combat and nothing else special. Not much can be done about it when working with just vanilla resources, the games are simply different. I can recommend you to look at Obsidian's recent Heretic map, he did it better entertaining a little, thanks to a couple non-standard ideas. Then again, your map played well for a simple Heretic starter map.

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