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Mapping Knockout?

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The concept of knockout, which I remember first from Need For Speed 2, (could also be applied to other games and sports too) where racers compete against each other in a single track, and for every lap, the racer in last place is eliminated and the race continues with only the remaining racers competing. Each lap eliminates the racer in last place until the last two racers face off 1 on 1.

Perhaps some mappers could compete in a multi-round mapping tournament where each mapper attempts to make their best map in a selected time frame and judges rate the maps with a score and the mapper with the lowest score can't compete in the following rounds.

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But who will do the judges? There's going to be controversy. Unlike a race, rating "works of art" is different. You know what I mean.

Another thing: While there might be mapping "competitions" for fun, the point of mapping is not really to be competitive. Wouldn't it be better to cooperate instead of pointlessly competing and putting the weakest mappers off? We already know who the community's *best* mappers are.

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