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Friendly minigun turret targeting problem w/ BrutalDoom-HellfestRespawns

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Hey, guys. Some of you may remember that I posted a thread a while back about a map pack I designed, called Hellfest. Well, after learning some more about scripting for Doom, I went to go mod Brutal Doom, and now I've got this mod, BD-HFR. It's not totally done just yet, but it's nearing completion.



Here's that thread containing the map pack I mentioned:

And if you're curious to see the mod I mentioned I've been designing since creating that map pack, here's some of my more recent gameplay with it, a single-segment run through Inferno:



- This is obviously a meta-mod of Brutal Doom.
- Certain elements of Hellfest, like kamikazes, weapon idiosyncrasies, and stealthable imps or revenants, can be found in this meta-mod.
- The help screen has been updated to give more relevant advice. Hit F1 for helpful tips!

- One main gameplay change is that monsters now respawn every 40-60 seconds.
- - This occurs on any difficulty level.
- - Numerous new difficulty levels have been added to keep from scaring off the less-skilled playerbase with the idea of respawns.
- - - Hellfest Newbie: Easy + 50% less damage taken.
- - - Hellfest Lite: Regular easy mode.
- - - Lite Metal: Easy "metal" difficulty. Easy monster spawns, fast monsters, 50% extra damage taken.
- - - Hurt Me Plenty: Regular medium mode.
- - - Heavy Metal: Medium "metal" difficulty. Medium monster spawns, fast monsters, 50% extra damage taken.
- - - Ultra-Violence: Regular hard mode.
- - - Hellfest Hardcore: Extra-hard mode. 50% extra damage taken.
- - - Black Metal: Hard "metal" difficulty. Hard monster spawns, fast monsters, 50% extra damage taken.
- - - - Damage taken in general has been reduced. Typical damage taken is 90%, so 50% less is a factor of 0.45, and 50% more is a factor of 1.35.
- - Respawning monsters are vulnerable to being destroyed before they can react while rising from the dead.
- - Cyberdemons, spider masterminds, and lost souls will never respawn.
- - Rare monsters will occasionally spawn in place of normal monsters.
- - - Those rare monsters include screaming kamikazes, railgun arachnotrons, and quad shotgun zombies, which have been brutalized by your's truly.
- - - Rare monsters that carry special weapons will drop those special weapons.

- Monsters in general have had their AI improved, or idiosyncrasies implemented.
- - Monsters have been given slight weaknesses to certain weapons, and in rare cases resistance.
- - Chaingunners and arachnotrons will typically flee if you get too close, and attack viciously if cornered for too long.
- - Demons and spectres will berserk at 33% health and lower, biting 33% faster and moving 50% faster.
- - Kamikazes will occasionally leap at their target, will jump down ledges, will roar aggressively before chasing them down, wait in ambush, and more.
- - Pain elementals will detonate themselves close to their target, doing explosive damage. Killing a pain elemental will instantly destroy nearby lost souls.
- - Imps and revenants will now retreat if hurt, and may stealth themselves in order to ambush enemies.
- - The Spider Mastermind now wields a B.F.G. cannon and twice the explosive firepower it packed before.
- - Some changes are planned for the Cyberdemon to improve is abilities to match, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do the spritework for that one.

- Weapons have been heavily modified.
- - Every weapon has been re-scripted for fluidity, and should now feel extremely smooth under any circumstances.
- - Numerous new, varied explosives have been added to balance out respawning enemies with limited firepower, such as grenades, which are dropped by zombies.
- - New sprites have been added for certain weapons.
- - - The rocket launcher, minigun, BFG 9000, and plasma rifle sprites have been modified from their traditional Brutal counterparts.
- - Traditional weapon functionality has seen some updates.
- - - The rocket launcher now doubles as a grenade launcher.
- - - The BFG now has a more direct-damage, rapid-fire altfire.
- - - Class 3 weapons have seen their damage increased further at close range.
- - - The mancubus flame cannon can light explosive barrels on fire, so that they may be kicked over or blown over with explosives to spew flames at the enemy.
- - Weapons in general can be used to greater potential to further balance out the constantly-respawning monsters.
- - Numerous new or previously-unavailable weapons have been made available for use.
- - - Frag grenades have been added.
- - - - The player begins with two grenades in addition to the assault rifle, silent pistol, flashlight, and of course the fists.
- - - - Grenades drop from zombies (save kamikazes), or spawn rarely in place of single rockets or rocket boxes. You can find two in a backpack, or four in a box.
- - - - They can be used with any weapon out and will automatically reselect the weapon you had previously once the player stops hurling them.
- - - Proximity mines are the other new explosive that have been added.
- - - - Proximity mines spawn in place of light amp goggles and computer area maps, since both have been made obsolete.
- - - - They are selectable under the rocket launcher and come in two modes:
- - - - - Non-sticky mode will prevent chain-detonation, but as they bounce around, they are especially dangerous and can strike and harm you.
- - - - - Sticky mode can chain-detonate and be stuck to many surfaces. Both modes can be shot to detonate early, and they will detonate around enemies.
- - - - A pair of proximity mines can be found in a backpack, but you may find single mines or boxes of eight lying around.
- - - Dual-wieldable pistols have been added.
- - - - These are the only silent ranged weapons in the game.
- - - - The player starts with a single pistol, but if a zombie pulls out his own, that may be looted.
- - - The quad shotgun has been added.
- - - - This weapon can only be dropped in Doom II and later, since quad shotgun zombies spawn only in place of chaingunners.
- - - - It's a mighty weapon that can one-shot hell knights, arachnotrons, and even mancubi if you're right up in their face.
- - - The MP40 has been made more common.
- - - - The MP40 is a combination of the Assault Rifle and the Minigun. Has accuracy and a high rate of fire, but must be reloaded.
- - - - It can now spawn rarely in place of clips on the ground, aside from being dropped 100% of the time off nazis.
- - - - - This makes it useable even in The Ultimate Doom.
- - - The railgun has been made available.
- - - - This weapon is only dropped in Doom II, since it drops from the railgun arachnotron, a rare monster that spawns in place of the regular arachnotron.
- - - - Not unlike the sniper from Serious Sam, the Hellfest railgun does additional damage if you zoom in, which can one-shot certain monsters.
- - - - It stil does considerable damage even when not zoomed in, able to one-shot lines of demons or anything lesser.
- - - - The weapon has been adjusted for normalized ammo. Since a cell has an ammocount of 40, the railgun uses 8 ammo and reloads at 40 cells used.
- - - The minigun turret has been added.
- - - - This is a rare deployable stationary turret with 800 bullets and 60 concussion missiles to be used before it self-destructs, damaging anything around it.
- - - - It can be found in place of light amp goggles or the automap, spawning rarely in place of the prox mines that would normally overwrite those powerups.
- - - - It has not been added to the game at the time of this post since it's having some bugs with targeting. The player will be given prox mines instead.
- - - A flashlight has been implemented.
- - - - Not really a weapon, but still something you can draw.
- - - - It lights up places. Duh!
- - - - Instead of a normal number key, it has its own hotkey, like the grenades. You can hit the hotkey again to draw your previously-selected weapon.
- - - - You can throw the flashlight with altfire. This used to piss off cyberdemons, until they took some anger management classes to resist being mocked.
- - - - - Don't think that means you can't anger them by flipping them the bird, though.
- - - - - You can always pick up the flashlight you've thrown.
- - - - The player starts with a flashlight, but should you lose the one you've got, a new one can always be found in any standard UAC backpack.

Have you read all that? I appreciate that you're so interested!
If you'd like to know more about the technicalities, I've got
plenty of demonstration videos on my youtube channel, which can
be accessed from the video linked prior to this lot of hidden
text underneath the second spoiler tag. Alternatively, should
you desire to simply play it for yourself, I've provided a link
for the meta-mod later on in this post.

I have some questions regarding something I'm trying to script, because I've tried a few things, and they don't seem to work. I'm trying to design a friendly minigun turret for my meta-mod, which you can find more info about under the spoiler tags above, and said minigun turret is the thing that's been giving me some trouble. Here's a link to a demonstration video regarding an earlier version of the minigun turret:

That should take you to 1:40 into the video. If not, that's where I show the bug, so please skip there if you'd like to cut to the chase. 1:40-2:15 or so. The minigun turret was taken from BHAE, or Beyond Hell And Earth. I talked with the author of BHAE about its use.

So, as you can see, it's completely derpy. I've determined that it seems to be a headshot hitbox problem, since it seems to mow down demons and spectres just fine. However, I can't seem to figure out how to fix that. The other thing I need to figure out is making it aggressive even when the player is not able to be targeted. I haven't tested it where it doesn't function if the player isn't targeted first, but I anticipate it's going to be a problem.

That being said, would anyone around here know how to solve this problem? I did some playing around with the minigun turret script, which should be located in the "STBFG10K" lump under the "WEAPONS" subsection of the primary directory, so it might be a little dysfunctional and buggy in other respects, but you'll be able to see the script and stuff. Any assistance, as I've really not had much with this endeavor to this point, would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you'd just like to play the meta-mod or if you'd actually be able to help me out here, here's a link to it as it currently stands:

As I mentioned above, it's not totally done yet, so if you
are playing around with it and you find anything buggyish,
please report it. If I'm not in the right place or perhaps
you think my request for feedback and / or help with this
script would be better-received elsewhere, please inform
me of where I should be asking.
Thank you.

Actually, I've decided to scrap this content in favor of installing some spawnable friendly marines. Therefore, I don't need any more help with this, but if you are interested in contributing to the mod, please contact me on youtube somehow. Thank you.

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