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Doom EX v1.2 (a MegaWAD)

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I made this mediocre map addition and I would like you to see it. There are 32 maps, and 6 weapons. Please find every mistake/bug and give some criticism. To clarify, this was made and tested with ZDoom, which may make it unable to run on some source ports.

Download Link!

Another thing, for those of you that want to/are making maps and need MIDIs, feel free to use some that I used.

Get The MIDIs!


v1.0: Initial Release

v1.1: Fixed Map 31's Exit Door

v1.2: Fixed raised wall in Map 21
Minor graphical fixes

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Pure Hellspawn said:

i'll add that by default, I tend to assume that all maps are playable from pistol start. I noticed the lack of weapons in this series.

now that you mention it, if you were miss a certain weapon, you'd be kinda screwed, huh?

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