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New Doom’s Feel

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Hi DoomWorld Forum,

Disclaimer: I’m new to the forum but not to the Doom series.
New to Day of the Dead but not to Ramero.

Which brings me to my point. I came here to hear what the community thinks the new Doom should feel like. I recently watched George Ramero’s Day of the Dead for the first time and absolutely love it and currently obsessed with it. I’ve seen Night and Dawn before and love those but I guess I never got around to Day.

After watching the trilogy a bunch of time over and over again I recently thought “Dam I hope the new Doom will feel like this”.

Now I don’t know if you veteran fans of Doom have always associated it with sort of films like Day of the Dead or Grindhouse or other films that are fun, gory, sometime hilarious and exploitive, but since I hear the new iteration is going in a different direction than of Doom 3, I was wondering if this is a shared sentiment from the community.

Personally from what I heard from the QuakeCon reactions this is the type of direction I’m hoping for. Day of the Dead meets Mars + Demons from hell.

I’ve played the original Doom and Doom II, so I know the feel of those games, however since technology has evolved and games now have story, characters and themes, I wonder how they will approach those elements. Doom 3 (and in a way all id games) has had this type of direction but it is not always enjoyable (wasn’t a fan of Rage).

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From what people who were at Quakecon have said, it's taking notes from previous games in the series. That includes Doom 64, what with the supposed bold, moody, colored lighting.

My guess is that it'll have the aesthetics of Doom 3/64 with design principles set in Doom 1&2, with an emphasis on action, streamlined horror, and potentially whatever's most fun.

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It looks like it wants to be atmospheric and violent, like a mix of "Hellraiser" and "Aliens," much like the original Doom. I think it's trying to find a happy medium between horror and action.

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