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Naomi Armitage VS ED 209

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I'm still not content with the level, but I'm not sure what else I want to do. It's at a playable point however, so I'm uploading it as is. This mod was created for ZDoom 1.23 B33.


A simple mod, only takes a couple minutes to complete. The 7 minute par time is just an arbitrary number. You start out without any ranged weapons so I wouldn't waste any power until you find one. I've added a crude target circle to the player sprite and made it transparent so playing from 3rd person isn't overly difficult. It's not perfect, but good enough to sight with. A screenshot of 3rd person:


For the first time, I've added in secret areas (two spots really). I only created four weapons, so don't bother looking for any more. There are no healing items, but there is a way to get some minor health. Probably obvious, but never-the-less I'll let you figure it out. While I don't penalize for it, I consider shooting civvies inappropriate. You are supposed to be a Martian Police Officer after all.

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Uhhhh, can't find the secret areas, even with the map cheat...the weapon you need doesn't come until right before you exit...just...ugh.

At least I can't find all the stuff you claim is there.

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Various changes made, requires the original wad. Load this wad -AFTER- armvsed.wad so the changes take effect.

Security Gadgets from Armitage the III now block weapon #4. Destroy all of them to gain access to it.

Difficulty is now implemented. Only affects the # of EDs and Security Gadgets.

ED 209 has 1000 less HP's now. I think this makes them much too easy versus weapon #4 but I guess I'm alone in that opinion.

Three more "secret" spots.

Health increase changed from 5% to 10%.

Location of weapons semi-randomized (to spice things up for myself).

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