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Stupid Bunny

Commander Keen stuff

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Commander Keen are my favorite games alongside Doom (and going back much further than Doom) and so I thought I'd shamelessly self-promote share that appreciation with all of you through the medium of fanart!

...not that I have much to show, since unfortunately I usually lose interest halfway through any serious attempt at drawing and move on to other things. But here's a couple of the least lazy Keen drawings I have:

The Shikadi Master, the most frightful foe aboard the Omegamatic, or in this case on the lawn

A Keen cartoon. There are follow-ups in progress, I hope to finish them someday

Keen 3 characters, based loosely on my college experience

Here's a Doom related one as a bonus

And while we're at it, play my Commander Keen mods!

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Heh, I enjoyed the comic! Reminded me of those Star Wars parodies which consider the plight of the menial workers onboard the Death Star.
Nice way to feature the Blue Bird in the second picture.

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The Imp and the Demon look like Beavis and Butthead. The Shikadi Master is pretty awesome.

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