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Jurassic Rift Returns!! Now at v125

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Hello all, Jurassic Rift has returned for Zandronum! I am in close contact with the original creator, Lazerues. I have taken the reins and we are now trudging towards our first major release, v125.

For those who haven't played before this Mod is a Multiplayer TC that adds 4 new characters each with unique weapons, all new textures, many new sounds, new weapons, new inventory items, of course new maps, and remains optimized for the software renderer.

!! -- Looking for Mappers -- !!

Current Version: Jurassic Rift 125


Changelog for JRift
JRDM01 Balance
**Added Minor Pickups
**Added Ammunition Pickups
**Sprucing up
**Added Teleporter from north to south

JRDM02 Balance and Bug fixes
**Fixed broken jump pad
**Added new jump pad
**Added health/armor pickups
**Added ammunition pickups
**Sprucing Up

**Ammunition/Weapon balance
**Armor balance
**Secret not so secret
**Some texture work

**New areas added
**Work in Progress

**Texture work

**Texture work
**Reflection added

I already have a bit of a short term Roadmap for developing this:
Cleaning up the WAD, making sense of everything v125 ** Done
Ensure that everything works correctly in Zandronum v126
Creating a new inventory item to the already large list v127
Taking a pass through maps and cleaning them up v128
Finishing maps that feel incomplete v129

A long term Roadmap that includes:
Adding 4 new DM maps with 2 Duel derivatives
Completing at least 2 Domination maps v140
Ultimate goal of adding Single Player campaign v300

With all that said, these are very subject to change. The single player project will only take place when we have the main content added such as sounds, new inventory items and so on.

Old Versions:

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40oz said:

Any work on Perforated Entrails?

At the moment, the graphics/Sound are and will remain incomplete. For that I have to wait for Lazureus. At the moment I am doing a run through on the Maps first and balancing Weapons, powerups, and of course inventory items.

As for what's been happening the last few days:
Level balancing, sprucing up and completing. I have found quite a few levels with itemization issues and level flow issues. I have begun to fix both and at this very moment I am reworking a level that was left unfinished. Not much more to report, this weekend was tough for development thanks to Blizzcon.

For now, I leave you all with a preview of a WIP renovations on JRDM07.

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Could you maybe upload it to another site? I don't trust anything that asks for your email address to let you download something. It even blatantly says in its privacy terms that it's going to share your email address with other companies.

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In anticipation of v125 I have created a quick overview of Jurassic Rift and a preview of what's to come in the next version.

Thanks for watching and for your continued support!

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I am happy to announce JRift 125! Many small balance and map changes were made. JRDM07 is still in the process of being created but I thought I would share the progress with everyone!

Hope you all enjoy it!

Jurassic Rift 125

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