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3D floor AND deep water

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Hi there fellas.

Last night I was experimenting a little bit with deep water and 3D floors, and I had a little problem.

First of all, I'm using UDMF.

Second, I based my mapping on these two tutorials by Chubzdoomer.

Now, a couple of questions:

I can't figure out how to make a 3D floor over a pool of deep water. Is it possible? I'm using the method used by Chubz, but that seems to be for Doom in Hexen format; is there any other (more appropriate/convenient) way to do it in UDMF? Everytime I try to "combine" his methods on 3D floors and deep water, all I can see is a "wall" coming out of the floor (well, the pool's surface), like dividing the "pool" I'm trying to make. Any way around this?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and good day/night.

EDIT: Sorry, fixed link.
EDIT 2: Sorry, I'm an asshole. I forgot to say I'm using GZDoom builder.

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Are you using Transfer_Height for deep water? If so, it cannot be combined with 3D floors on the same sector.

The good news is that you can use 3D floors to make deep water. It's even better than using Transfer Height because that allows you to make the water translucent, so you can see into and out of it.

All water areas in ZDCMP2 are made this way.

Look at the documentation for reference, but the gist is that:
1. Make a new control sector with a Set3dFloor linedef tagging the area that needs to have deep water.
2. Make the 3D floor swimmable (type 2)
3. Make it translucent (alpha less than 255)

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