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Alright, so I decided to scrap the whole "Cyberlabs" idea, since I thought it was stupid.

I've decided to create a 1 level wad, called "areyouserious.wad".

Basically, it's Go 2 It from "The Plutonia Experiment" on steroids.

Screenshots soon.

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I was gonna be like "I'll play it when I get home" but I guess it's not done yet.

Btw you should call it "Go 6 It" to keep with the Plutonia 1 and 2 theme

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This reminds me of my old project threads from 2003 when I was 11 years old

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I always thought that the "Go 2 It" projects have been quite interesting, mainly because you're in the same/very similar level, but this time around, it takes on a more rather Hellish confronting form. I know that Silent Hill is much like that, which is why I really like the Silent Hill series!

So yes, getting back on topic here, I can't wait to see the finished product! Also, will you be posting some screenshots sometime soon?

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