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Well i need help....

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Hello i'm protox (for who dont know) and i was helping mapping for freedoom and etc, but i work slight diferent because i do it, i choose a map and i edit that map (create has well sometimes) but in middle of this was somethings get on the way abandoned by myself :P so who need of some inspiration or want to help me to finish these things here i go whit my development way (maybe some stuffs there is already in freedoom).


Freedoom 1 wads
E1M1.WAD - e1m1: My try to rework in e1m1 but is in the inital progress but looks cool.

E1M2.WAD - e1m2: same map find in freedoom 1 ignore that.

E2M1.WAD - e2m1: same map find in freedoom 1 the diference is the cacodemons instead of baron of hell.

E2M3.WAD - e2m1: same map find in freedoom 1 ignore that.

E2M4.WAD - e2m4: same map find in freedoom 1 ignore that.

E3M7.WAD - e3m7: ye thts a interesting one, this was my attemp to rework in a attic version of "finalmap.wad" and this map was intended to be insane and large, part of orinigal map is still the wad.

LA-E2M3.WAD - e2m3: nothing much interesting the is only a small layout most unfinished and not work on vannila.

LA-E3M9.WAD - e3m9: my attemp for a original (cought monster1.wad) map the target was a map whit only spectres and a great red building on middle of map whit a grveyard around but for some reason i discontinued it.

LA-EXMX.WAD - exmx: another layout stuff, this is a bit old so i dont ever remenber what was my target there.

Freedoom 2 wads
MAP02.WAD - map02: this is my nearly done version of map02 is playable from begin to exit but may be glitch so we only need to touch it up.

MAP08.WAD - map08: what the **** this map is doing in my repo... skip that.

MAP20.WAD - Map20: a very good map but need touch ups and upgrades, this map is original from catoptromancy i think and i only do some editing and has well ended abandoned.

MAPXX.WAD - map01: who played freedoom from 0.6 may recognize this map a little they are a mix between 2 abandoned maps and i tryed to rework, only the old outside is still on the wad and need to be finished up for the new version.

FullFD.wad - map01: port intended wad, this wad is for test stuff from freedoom and need to be finished too who want to help...

Well is it who want to use thse stuff for the future of freedoom fell free i really need to share it for us for help me too :D

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