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Propstore - Doom Film Props Listed

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I've been following the Propstore of London and their Doom movie props, and for a while it's just been costumes and some other stunt stuff. However, some really cool things have since made it to the store, including some guns which usually sold out as soon as they were listed.

Destroyer's knife

He used it on the Baron monster. They also have a stunt knife carried by the other actors, which looks notably different than Destroyer's. Maybe because his was actually onscreen for a time. I can't recall anyone else using one (Portman might of pulled one on The Kid, actually). I was actually considering to buy the stunt knife.

Mac's Gun/GL

If only he ever got the chance to use this, it would have been the film equivelant of the rocket launcher. Magazine is missing, but still cool. Doesn't look like it was built on a G36C like the other rifles. Granted, he never fired it anyways.

Duke's stunt rifle

Very damaged, but he was in a lot of action scenes so one can figure that his stunt rifle would've gone through this kind of pain. I sorta wonder how the real gun would have looked if it had gone through the same scenes instead of being swapped out for the stunt gun?

The Chainsaw

Because of how dark the film is I never realized how badass this thing looks. THe most expensive item here, it looks pretty fucking cool imo. I'd love to see some sprites based off of it. Has some broken teeth and a pricetag I can't see anyone here or even in the community jumping at. But cool nonetheless.

The film might have sucked, but it had a pretty good amount of work put into it. The sets and design was probably one of the better things about the film... When it wasn't shrouded in darkness.

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