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Jovian of "Zoboomafoo" fame has died

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Damn, I haven't watched Zoboomafoo in years. 20 years is the average life span for lemurs. RIP Jovian.

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Jaxxoon R said:

Wait... That was a real lemur? I thought it was a puppet!

They used both a real lemur and a puppet.

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Kratt's Creatures was a little beyond my time, as I was in my teens when it came out, but I recall it being a darn good kid's show. Being the oldest of 8, of course I was exposed to kid's shows whether I sought them out or not. Though when it turned into Zoboomafoo, it kinda went downhill in my opinion.

That said, I honestly had figured the lemur must've died a long time ago. I didn't even realize it had still been alive when I found out it had died, if that makes any sense. Still though, gonna miss that lemur (not the puppet, though, never liked the puppet).

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