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Some of my first maps

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I have a few maps Demo or alpha. Needs to be run in Doom Builder and utilizes Brutal Doom and is formated in Hexen.
The first one is a cemetery.
The second is a mansion.
The 3 is Office Space

These are DropBox links.
my email is arther.casillas@gmail.com
Looking for a fellow doomer I have over 30, unrefined maps with many concepts and level designs.

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Put this in the Wads & Mods section. You're thinking of a different type of "demo" than what this section is for.

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SimplyArt said:

Needs to be run in Doom Builder

No no no, nobody except the author wants to play maps from inside an editor. You should specify a source port and (if need be) additional resources. I can see a lot of missing textures (HOM effect), you've obviously only tested your maps in GZDoom and even there are HOMs. I've played the wads without BD, but that shouldn't affect textures. Maybe you've set up your Doom Builder to load some resource wads from your computer?

You could have merged the maps into 1 wad file, too, it's done via "Save Map Into" in Doom Builder (not just "save map as"), and the file name doesn't have to be MAP01 etc.

The first map featured too much copy-paste and rectangular structures, which is a sign of unprofessionality. Gameplay was nothing much, either: A map should provide a bit of challenge, and zombiemen are pretty bad enemies to achieve such a goal, it's unnecessary to put too many of them. Also, please don't release maps without an exit in them. The entire last wall glitched even in GZDoom and displayed HOM in other ports.

The second map was actually kind of beautiful, structurally. But texturing dragged it down drastically, it was too ugly at most places. Again, weird challenge with zombiemen all over, and no exit.

The third map was cramped, weirdly shaped and had a lot of passable-through bars. Also ugly texturing and strange, random, unbalanced gameplay.

Again, I haven't played the maps with BD. But honestly, I can see that they could use heavy improvement in texturing and gameplay balance, anyway. Keep up the good work, and I'd give you a tip to not rely on designing for Brutal Doom, because it's just a mod that people can play maps with, but don't have to.

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Yeah designing with Brutal Doom or any other mod is a little bit weird...as the mods' purpose is to enhance the map beyond normal gameplay...a normal map is already for the most part, optimised for any mod in the vein of Brutal Doom anyway. But having said that, I don't mind if people wanna try to make maps geared towards one particular mod...because even then, the map tends to work with or without it or with another mod entirely....of course there are some exceptions but in general, it'll work.

Just make a map and don't think of mods, but still if you want to recommend a mod to use then go ahead. Mods can be pretty fun to use.

But yeah, it would be best to mention a source port to play the WAD in, rather than saying to use it in a Builder, it means people can just load up more easily.

I haven't tried out the maps yet though, I'll give them a go.


I gave them a go, pretty much just gonna go with what scifista42 said.

I got some images of the graveyard level showing the end of the map with those problems.

I tried using other IWADs to accompany it incase it uses those resources, but the same thing happens really

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I can fix most everything...except for the part where you make it run with GZDoom Builder. I will fix HOM and link level 1 through 3 with exits.

Source port I use to execute Doom is GZ Doom.


Once again thanks for the feedback and direction. I will work on making a cluster of 5 maps as finished as possible.

Can't wait to show you guys more (finished) maps...

This Sunday will be the soonest I can work on it.

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