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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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52 minutes ago, RjY said:

From Oscillation map05, a dancing switch texture:


Would you say... an oscillating texture?

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3 hours ago, valkiriforce said:

Just a friendly reminder that TNT: Resistance is nearing completion with only one map left that needs an update. For those that aren't familiar, it's an 8-level vanilla mapset for the TNT IWAD featuring maps from myself and a few other authors. I'm hoping we can get this released before the end of the year.












Can at least one of your maps be Egyptian themed with a missing yellow keycard?  ;)


That's a requirement for all TNT-inspired wads.

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2 hours ago, Gez said:

Would you say... an oscillating texture?

No, I thought that, but deliberately avoided writing it.

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@Eris and valkirivalkiriforce : beautiful tnt maps! Looking forward to this!



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a dark looking maze full of black lasers, traps and what not






   The third trap makes the floor set with a very icy friction



   I also invented a holy light spell at the end of the maze


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4 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

I'm pretty sure is something from the 90s, but wtf is with the text file?

The weird letters are from differences in character sets between DOS (back then) and Windows (now). So for example all the ú were · . For the style, well, keep in mind that this was the era where u51ng 1337 sp33k, and butchering spelling was a way to be one of the "Kewl Kidz".

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