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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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4 hours ago, Mira said:

Okay, thanks.


In exclusivity, here's the text file decoded from CP437, so you can see that "áäëúLM FCTèRæ" is supposed to be xXxtreem leet speek for "bedlam factory", itself an xXxtreemly leet name, I must admit.


X.WaD SenSuAL EdiTioN . NeW ConcePT of WAD

TITLE                   :         ■      ║  X . W  D  ║       ■
                                         ║             ║
AUTHOR                  :                ║   RiCHaRD   ║
                                         ╬   D a D D   ╬   
                                       ╘═╬═╛ ßΣδ·LM ╘═╬═╛
                                         ╬   FCTΦRµ   ╬

DATE                    :                MaP01-SEPT.1895 
MISC. AUTHOR INFO          ■   DooM + SeX ,Wath ELSe can I aSk FoR?   ■
                                  Q u a K Σ  , o f  c o u r s e!

┬HE PLOT                :    TheRe iS A MAnSioN in The DowNTowN .
                             IT WaS LefT a Long Time Ago By his OWNEr ,a 
                          RiCH BaroN .A stranGe PerSon .EveryBody TalKEd 
                          about the rituals ,about the screams in the cold 
                          nightS and The GiRLs wHO DesAppeAReD...
                             PeopLe talked And TaLkeD. They saiD that ThE 
                          BaRoN Made a DeAL with The PRince oF DarKNeSS .
                          He WanTeD to BE InmoRtAL .
                             The PriZE : Pretty-YouNG GirLS!
     Now ,Time Flied Away...
     The ManSion standS in the PinnaCLe of a Hill ,but itS doors continue 
 closed. Nobody who has entered has returned alive.  The LegenDS talk about 
 The Three SkullS of the Baron: Red, Blue And YelloW .The MAn who GetS The 
 Three of THeM gets the everlasting being... The InmoRtaliTY...
     The BAroN DisaPPeareD in the Mist of PasT YearS ,but he Hid the Three 
 SkuLLs in the Core of the CastLE. He left some GuarDS for the unwellcome
 guests, and beyond the steel DoorS of the entry ,Xtrange sounDs break 
 the silent of the nightS ,howlingS ,screamS and roarS mixEd in a deamonical 

     You WanT to Be InMorTAL ,you WanT the Three  FuCKiN SkuLLs ,You Have A 
 9mm ParaBelluM with ARmOR PierciN· BuLLeTS and ,of course ,you don·T BElieve 
 In Old-WomanS-StorieS-of-WitchEs and TroLLs!.
                        :  AIM oF ThE GaME  ║   
                        └─═══-───-- · ··---─╝       
  ■ Why iS the Exit is behind you at the start of the map? Do I Have to 
  explain it to you ? WeLL The AiM of tHe GaME is to FinD the three SkuLLs 
  of Inmortality And escape alive of the mansion!. The SkuLLs Are hide in 
  the ForTreSs ,but Don·T worry ,they ain·t behind a secret wall or 
  something like that. You·ll find them if you look for!
  ■ The SkullS are in different places in each of the three levels!!!!
  So At least you must play three times the WAD (Not to RougH ,Hurt me
  plenTY and KnigthMaRE!!!) .Try to find TheM! and be Ageless.
  But Remenber McLeoD...ThErE CaN bE OnLy oNe!

OTHER WORKS FROM...     :  BeDLaM.WaD -> DarkneSs PsiQuiaTriC HoSPitaL - DooM 
  ßΣδLM FcTΦRµ           RoaR.WAD -> CooL Level for DetHMTcH - DooM ][
 bedlam@arrakis.es         WaTeR.WaD -> GreaT LeveL For DEtHMCTh-DooM ][
                           CaChoWaD.WaD -> 2 MaPS 4 DeATHMaTCH - DooM ][
                           RAGE.WaD -> 2 MaPS 4 DeATHMaTCH - DooM ][
                           QuAKe.WaD -> 2 MapS WiTH The New NiGHTMaRE of id!

ADD. CREDITS TO         :   My GoDs: all the people who make DooM, DooMII-HOE
                          ,DEU ,DeeP & DEUSF .And all the pretty girls who
                          roam in this WoRLD (my moTheR ,my grandmother ,my
                          siSTer and my girLFrieND |D) and that greybox-32BitS
                          of my RooM. PLaYBoY! & PSP3
                          More inFo downsTaiRSs 
      ≡ P L A Y    I N F O R M A T I O N ≡

SINGLE PLAYER           : YeSs! Try To Get The InmoRtaLity, Find thE 3 SkuLLS
COOPERATIVE 2-4 PLAYER  : YeSs!!!... (SpeciaL EnHancED DifficulTY For GroupS)
DEATHMATCH  2-4 PLAYER  : YeS! SpeciaL Semi-ArENa-ZonE for GOrE-AddiCTS! 
DIFFICULTY SETTINGS     : YESSSS!!! YESss!!!! ReAD doWN for LeaRnin· More 
NEW CooL SOUNDS         : YeSs ,reaL CooL. GrooVy!
NEW HoT GRAPHICS!       : YeSSS!!!!! Enter In thE CastLE and be prePaRe...
DEMOS REPLACED          : DEMO1 - MAP03 ,LittLE IntrO foR MakiNG TimE 
                          DEMO2 - MAP32 CooL!!! Let·S See It. IT·s AMaZiN·|D
                                   (WaRNiN∙ DemoS R 4 v1.666)

      ≡ C O N S T R U C T I O N ≡

BASE                    : My deepeST KnigthMareS.
BUILD TIME              : ABout a couple of HourSs more or LeSs (I·m a BeaST!)
                          How LOng do ya Think? .Time FLieS...I·m olD...
                          Dou Ya Think A ForTReSS can be builT in a couple
                          of days? . I Think YOu are CLevER! 
EDITORS USED            : DEU 5.1 ,DEU 5.2 ,DeeP ,VERDA NODE BUILDER V1.050
                          MiDi2Mus , DEuTEx .SB SofT for soundS ANd PainT 
                          ShoP Pro foR GraPhiCS & PatChESs!
                                  - The BesT -> DEU5.1 No doubT! -
KNOWN BUGS              : BugS? I·M noT GoNNa teLL ya! I Said In A MaCHInE!
                          I·m better than a T1000 ,no bugS ,no WronGs wayS,
                          No HoM ,no StupiDs DooRS ,and Silly WADS |D
                           ┌──----···· · ·  ·  · ···---───-──────-───────┐
                           :  If YoU ReAD -FRoM ßΣδLM FCTΦRµ- you haVE │
                           .  QualiTY,MaN. I MEAN -> NO BUGs,AwESoME WaD :
                           └───────────-────────-──-─-----···· · · · ··-─┘


   You MAY distribute this WAD ,modificate ,or use to build new levels .
   The onLy thing I ask you to do is keeping the darkness soul of this game 
 and HeLP bringin· Hell to Earth .Let·s war!...|D
   And...please...doN·t forGEt To put my Tiny NamE Over THeRe |D .PerhapS 
 some day someguy at ID see my WAD and...weLL...I KnoW I·M dreAMiN· Again!

   In R.MACEDA (BBS 24H,288K) Spain ■  34.86 - 23.49.69
   SpaiN ,you KNoW -> Near AFrika ,but GooD torTiLLaS.

    - Second Add. Credits -         
   To Arthur Charles Clarke ,to Howard Phillips Lovecraft ,to Terry Pratchett,
 to Jonh Varley ,Ridley Scott , Heather ,Juan Sanchez Ramirez Villalobos ,and
 HoWlinG Mad MurDoCK ,JJ...and U ,iF ya pLay iT! 
    - BeT TeStErS -
   Mr. PaBLo «PoV» CoSTaS! who help me through all thiS galaXy. He Ain·T as
 GooD aS my in DeTHMaTCheSs |D ,but he·S a cooL guy!

=====≡ SomE WoRDs ≡===========================================================

    Well ,are you still reading this line? ,wow! You·re a non-typical PeRSoN.
 Why don·T You caLL me and DeatMactH-me a WhiLE? ,would you like to know the
 power of the DarKSidE? .CooL ,keep on ReAdIn·! You Like me!
    I have to put in the StatuS BAr (STBaR+STaRMS) a note "GET THE THREE SKULLS"
 ╖cos I saw a lot of people come into the game and said "Shit-WaD, the eXit
 is here! There is something wronG!" .Negative ,you know. But... I dunno if
 to change the Screen of DooM II And show a big "THE AIM OF THE WHOLE GAME..."
 I wanna make something Special ,different and attractive...
    I like to write this docS ,I think the best of the whole-wad-work is the 
 doc ,don·T you?. In the BegiNin· this WAD waS to be a CooPeraTIve Work 
 between 2 human beingS ,at this MomEnT I am the OnLy onE who can claim his 
 pathership! . I·m very proud!
    ProBLemS? I knoW that WorD! .
    I have 666.666 problemS with this WAD. Wad ProbLEMS? ,the first one is
 the size of the WAd ,too much vertices ,too much line/side-defS! ,too much
 of everything! with DEU5.1 (I love it) I have all the memory I want Too Work
 with ,but With DEU2 and DEEP ,forget iT! ,I Dunno ChecK SecTOr CloseD ,I
 Dunno anything ·cos «FAILING TO LOCATE 6 ByTES» FucK OFF!! all the ChanGES
 LosT! ,I Don·T break the ComputeR ·coS I·Ve PaiD it by mySeLF!. I made X.WAD
 with the tree editors ,but the big design was made with DEU5.1 (yes It·S
 for DooM ,but it WorKS)
    Other PRobLEM MAkiN· iT - What you finally have is a "ligth" version of 
 X.WAD ,light in terms of sidedefS .I had to delete a lot of sectors to 
 avoid "too much visplanes"...errorS. In every corner thomb! jump to dos , 
 erroR ,ERroR!,ERROR!!!. But now ,no errorS ,no bugs! More ProbLEmS with
 NeoPainT (F@cKiNG-ShiT-ProGRaM ,I tuRnEd myseLF crazY MakE uP where Was THe 
 ProBLem with DEuSF ,and the proBLem was NeoP.) DeuSF gave me Xtrange erroRS 
 if I dReW a Picture with NeoP. ! |o .IT waS CaptaIn-CraP AdveNTuRE!
    Well I take you a game -> try to put a Pin-Up of a girl into DooM ,a GIF
 BMP ,JPG or wathever resize to 128x128x256 and addapt the palette...try! 
 you·ll see a deformonster indeed a girl!!. So clap your handS Boy! |D
   Why X.WAD? .Well I·m gonna be HoneST (if you read all this WorDs ,you
 word It!) I like to made WADS ,i think it iS like to be a god.I havE 1.5MB
 of data in a HD .But these are more than a bunch of bytes ,they are a 
 miniature world ,a virtua Emplacement where evilness is real ,and madness
 is everywhere. I created this world and it exists really. It·S amazing!
 Well I would like every DooM-Addict to play my wad ·cos I·M tryin· to make  
 something complete different taking the DooM soul ,I would Like they tell
 me "Woh Guy! you made a great worK! I·ve never seen a wad like that .ITs
 very outstanding .PLay iT!" |DD .
    Wich is the thing in this universe that makes everything goes around? .
 YEs ,you know ,there are two thingS -> Money and SeX (and DooM ,but...) . 
 Money? I can·T give money with my waD. You crazy boY? .But I can give Some 
 SeX!!!! I know a few people will read this wordS but I hope a few of a lot 
 of people take a look into my wad too see the girLS |DDD .That·S the ReaSon...
 and well I admit it ,I love to see woman ,when they·re beautiful ,and 
 specially if they·re in silent hanging in a wall with only a underpant!
    The best way to play -> I allways tell this . Lock you in your room ,
 turn off the ligths ,take on your headphones ,pump up the volume of the
 GVS or the SB ,and think you have in front of your eyes a alive legend ,
 where it supposed to be the key to Inmortality! .You have two friends 
 they·re waiting for you in the entry-door .So...be careFuL .

    ProbLemS with SpeeD? it may be .I have a DX266+8Mb and the overall
 is ok! I·ve played in a DX266+4Mb and there are certain zones when I prefer
 LoW DetaiL .I know ,itS sad ,but as real as it gets! |(. Everybody must 
 buy a Pentium ,don·t they?. Ah! forget to play it in a 386DX40+4Mb .
 I·ve done it and...well ,you cann·t play in real-time ,you must IDDqD + 
 IDfA and Kill everybody to see the pictures ,poster and pin-ups of the 
 girls. Kidding? Try it!
    Once you end the level ,go on playin· DooM ,it looks like completely
 different .CooL! Ah! I put SKY1 from DooM cos I LikE MacHu-PiCHu!! |D
    BouT The DeMoS - I·ve RePLaCEd the firsT two DEmoS ·cos The FirST One
 OriginaL Was Too Long and I wanT YOu To see The CReDiT ScreeN. I·ve ChoseN 
 MAP03 Because I DonT Wanna disCover neither a pinup nor a lot of New Sounds
 ...The SeconD Demo IS a CrazY WiLD StaLLioN for See Me FighTin· Enjoy It!

    I would Like TO thanKS to all the peopLe who make wads ,and all who 
 make cool wads with sounds and graphics .I·ve took SomE sounds of differentS 
 wads (Army of DarkNeSs ,T2 ,AL│ENS...) and a lot I can remenber. I made 
 my own  sounds too ,not my troat I·vE took it from differents CD ,MovieS 
 ,LP·S...etc. You see. I hope you like it. I don·T wanna change the main 
 Sounds of the game ·cos I think The chokE of the Shotgun ,the Gun and The 
 ChainsaW Iddle are perfecT! .I·ve heard some WadS too much "headache" .

    ■> CooPerativE -> (Someone plays that way? It·s GreAT in KnighTMare with
 respawn enemies! ) There are aditional dificulty and amunition for teams of 
 gays who wantS the three SkuLLS .No one will find the Keys to Inmortality!
 Aren·t ya brave enough to step inside alone?. Cobarde! PEcaDoRL!!
    ■> DEaTHMaTCH AddiCTS -> The LeveLSs has a special arena for kill
 your best friends...or enemies!. I made it ·cos I KnoW there·Re A LOt of
 DEThMCTh slaves ,but i Duno recommended :( .The WAd was made to SingLE
 or CooperaTive PlaY!! but...

         ■> AbOuT SEXXX.WAD -> ThiS iS A ReaL ProJEcT 4 QuaKE <■

                           ■ AnoTHeR CooL WaDS ■
╔═══─════--╤══------·· ·--┬─┬──────┬───┬──────────────┬──────────────────────╗
║  TiTLΣ   │SiN DeATH CooP│L│ DooM │GSM│    AuTHOR    │  WheRe to GeT iT!    ║
│ BeDLaM   │ X    X    X  │2│   I  │--X│ ßΣδLM FCT. │ PcMaNia 38   RM-BBs  │
│ CaChoWaD │ -    X    -  │2│  ][  │XXX│ ßΣδLM FCT. │     R.MaCeDa-BBs     │
│  X.WaD   │ X    X    X  │1│  ][  │XXX│ ßΣδLM FCT. │ PcMaNia 38   RM-BBs  │
│   RoaR   │ -    X    -  │1│  ][  │XXX│ ßΣDLM FCT. │ PcMaNia 38   RM-BBS  │
│   RAGe   │ -    X    -  │2│  ][  │XXX│ ßΣδLM FCT. │     R.MaCeDa-BBS     │ 
│  QuaKE   │ -    X    -  │2│  ][  │XXX│ ßΣδLM FCT. │  bedlam@arrakis.es   │
│ DeMLtioN │ X    X    X  │1│  ][  │X-X│ ViSio FacTo. │ PcMaNia40,41 RM-BBS  │
│  KiLLME  │ -    X    -  │1│  ][  │XXX│ ViSio FaCTo. │     R.MaCeDA-BBS     │
│ SaLTaSaR │ X    X    -  │1│  ][  │XXX│ DaNieLe Levi │     R.MaCeDa-BBS     │
│ COLuMNaS │ -    X    -  │1│  ][  │---│    GiNeSs    │     R.MaCeDA-BBS     │  
╚═══─════--╧══------·· ·--┴─┴──────┴───┴──────────────┴──────────────────────┘
  SiN   - SinGLe PlaYEr              G - NeW GraPhiCS
  DeaTH - DeATHMaTCh                 S - NeW SouNDSs
  CooP  - CooPeRAtiVE                M - NeW MuSiC!
  L     - LEVeLS
                       AnD noW FroM ßΣδLaM FaCTΦRµ!

                   ╔═════--···· · · ·   · ··---───════╗
                   ║   ■ THeMES foR MiCroSoFT PLus! ■ ║
                   ║                                  ║
                   ║       X-FiLeS - FoX & DaNa       ║
                   ║ ALiENS - JaMES  CaMEroN'S MoviE  ║
                   ║ MoRTaL KoMBaT - MoviE+ViDeoGaME  ║
                   ║     Σ R Σ ß u S  - 666 ThEMe     ║
                   ║      LeMMiNGS! - EVeRyWhERE      ║
                   ║  SouNDs,IcONS,AniMaTeD CuRSoRS   ║
                   ║   & WaLLPaPeRS...OuTStanDiNG!    ║

                    ═╬═   WΣ ╫aVΣ ΦNLy ΦNΣ ΣaRTh!   ═╬═
                          - StoP NuCLeAR TeST! -

                              U R NΦT E 4 PsX




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Leave it to the guy who consumes WADs and has a collection of zip files of a certain nature to lead people on a hunt for bizarre smut. :P

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On Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 5:41 AM, Memfis said:


That is amazing. Do you think he toggles the caps lock key every other letter or does he repeatedly tap the shift key? Does he write it all out first then goes back and injects caps into every word? I'm trying to imagine how long this took. What does this persons fingers look like on the keyboard as he's typing this? I bet his typing technique would make Mavis Beacon cringe. He can't possibly have a WPM above 11.

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There was a wave of people (mostly very young, from the looks of it) typing like that in the mid-00s, at least where I live. I was also pretty curious about how they were doing it and how much effort it took. Parsing it certainly wasn't effortless.

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KeEp leFT pINkY FinGeR oN SHifT aLL tHe tIMe anD TAp iT rANdoMLy WhILe tYpiNG WItH ThE OtheR fiNgErs.

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I have a feeling that it's not random at all. There is a very complicated system for the future linguists to figure out.

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You know, if those colors were shades of gray, that might pass as something for Game Boy.

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