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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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 @Tango @StormCatcher.77 Shadow Maps are a client side setting introduced around GZDoom 3.0 I believe. You need a GPU that's OpenGL 3.1 compliant as far as I know, and a relatively powerful PC, but then you just turn them on from the Dynamic Lights menu in Display Options. No tricks, it's genuine dynamic shadows (albeit only against GZDoom dynamic lights).


They're primarily a tool for custom maps: you won't see much difference in the IWADs. They do have a bunch of limitations, but that's up to the mapper to overcome. If you build a map with them in mind though, they can look great.

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Be sure to break up the rock texture in places so it doesn't feel too monotonous. I'd recommend changing the texture on the sides of the jagged grass sectors to match as well, and maybe blunt the points a bit.

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4 minutes ago, Obsidian said:

Be sure to break up the rock texture in places so it doesn't feel too monotonous. I'd recommend changing the texture on the sides of the jagged grass sectors to match as well, and maybe blunt the points a bit.

better or worse?:)


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23 hours ago, Octavarium said:

Yeah the main problem with 1-unit "slopes" is the headache of manually aligning the textures on the sides. Usually worth it though

There are a lot of shortcuts for quick design/alignment of those. All linedefs being lower-unpegged puts the adjacent textures relative to one another in the proper way, without having to adjust individual alignments. Sector stairbuilder mode also allows instant design of the slopes' sectors, instead of having to painstakingly draw sectors and apply linedef properties. This for example was very quick (~3 minutes).


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2 minutes ago, Eradrop said:

Damn! that's impressive.

I like maps that using the sky as a source for a light

Thanks! Thanks for the great sky!

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6 hours ago, Tango said:

I have felt this way myself many times but I always come back haha. I try to accept that what I make can still be good, even if it might be different and never as mindblowing as what a lot of other folks make. there have been a handful of times throughout the years that I've been totally blown away and in awe of a map or screenshot, and even though my initial reaction is what yours is here, usually it pushes me to start doing something new (inspired by whatever cool shit I'm in awe of) and improves my mapping in the long-term

This, I used to think the only thing I was good at in mapping was the visual side of stuff but man these last few months it's like nearly everyone is doing just phenomenal work and now I'm desperately trying to keep up, haha. I don't like feeling inferior!!!

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9 minutes ago, A.Gamma said:

I think the yellow key might be around here somewhere... just a hunch.



Either that or a waffle house.

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17 hours ago, Eris Falling said:

Found this in Counterattack MAP04. Mechadon = Dragonfly confirmed?


(also how the hell do you align textures at these angles holy shit :D)

Shit he's on to me...


If I could claim ownership on Mechadon's brilliant mapping talents I'd have done so a long time ago, haha. That does look awesome in the editor though, so thanks to Mechadon for the unintentional tribute, hah! :D




12 hours ago, NaturalTvventy said:

Framed mosaic celebrating the success of No End In Sight.

Obviously there's nothing stopping me doing this, but would it be cool with you if I took inspiration at some point and did the same for Skulldash? :3

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4 hours ago, Dragonfly said:

Obviously there's nothing stopping me doing this, but would it be cool with you if I took inspiration at some point and did the same for Skulldash? :3

Do it! I love my mosaic. Here’s my story so you may learn from it:


I started by picking up a frame with dimensions I liked. Not really knowing my options, initially I had the idea of printing out individual screens and arranging them by hand. I bought paste and black construction paper with this in mind. The cost for these items was $32.


Next I bought a thumb drive to store my images on for $20. This wasn’t necessary I discovered as I could have saved the images on my phone, but I’ll be able to use the drive for other things so no huge loss. 


With my images stored on my new thumb drive I headed in a FedEx print shop. They had a machine set up that lets you print images to various sizes for different costs. I printed out extras and the same images at different sizes to allow myself different combos and arrangements. This turned out to be pretty expensive, costing me $50. I noticed the images were very dark but it seemed my only option.


the machine also cut off many of the images to fit the defined sizes, so the reviews were messed up. I asked the guy there if there was any way he could fix it and he said he’d print them out himself. I found out they could print images at any demensions there, which I hadn’t really thought about before. I realized I should cut my losses with the printed individual images and instead make a single image in the dimensions of my frame.


I headed home and fired up MSPaint to make my single image. I started with the title pic on top and used its width as the width for the final result. Using the dimensions of the frame I calculated out the proper proportional length of the image and adjusted my .png according. Then I filled in the rest and put the image on the thumb drive and headed back to FedEx.


I provided the customer service rep with the file and told them the size I’d like. They put in the order. A couple hours later I was back and my poster was printed out. Like the individual images, the poster too was pretty dark. I asked if there was any way they could brighten it. They said they could perform an enhancement for $6, which I agreed to. A couple hours later I was back and they had a couple new prints waiting for me. One was +25% brightness and one was +45%. Supposedly. I couldn’t really tell a difference and they all still looked pretty dark. I just decided to chalk it up to lessons learned and went with the +45%. They charged me $25 for the final product (I think they forgot the $6 enhancement fee).


It was a learning experience that cost me over $100 in the end. It could have easily been half that if I just got the frame and the single print properly sized. The biggest take-away is to create a single image with the right proportions. I’d think it wise to increase gamma before taking your screenshots, as the images were dark both when I printed them and when the FedEx folks did. Your results may vary, and I think you can ask the print folks for sample prints before committing to anything. If you have the time, bring in samples with different gamma corrections to see which result you like best before taking all your final screen shots and making your arrangements. One more thing - all my text is hard to read, so if you have any, it probably needs to be bigger than you think.


I’m looking forward to your result.

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Thanks @NaturalTvventy!


Sorry you had such a costly experience getting it all sorted, but at least the end result is something to be proud of!


I would have gone single print from the get-go even if only for the cost savings - working in a design studio gives me access to trade-price printing, which is a lovely luxury! As for the colours being dark, it could potentially have have been the printer's software which processed your images not handling the RGB colourspace very well when converting to CMYK. Thanks for the advice however, will make me think twice to check the screenshots before sending it to print. It'll be at the very least another month or two before I can commit to buying the frame and print, so that will give me time to mull it over. :)


I'll be sure to post it here when I do it though!

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