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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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Even with my limited dm knowledge I can see it is way to over detailed. GhothicDM 0.5 ?

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The problem isn't that it is "overdetailed". It's just huge. You could fit 64 players on it easily but trying to cap would, true to the map's name, be an absolute nightmare.


The reason Gothic gets panned for being overdetailed is because it's full of bitty detailing that both creates visual noise and gets in the way of player movement. It's hard to see in and hard to move in.

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Real post this time. More images from my MAYhem Purple map.











That's all, apparently, for now. I'll update with the last two later, maybe.

This map isn't just nonlinear anymore. It's building itself up into a sandbox, so it's going to be a pain to test thoroughly, but I hope it works out because I don't see many sandbox maps.

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos : Removing that extraneous image. Also, map trivia.

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That's not overdetailed, just oversized!


EDIT: Didnt realise there was a new page. Oops.

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Here are the last two screenshots I meant to upload yesterday.




At least things cooperated this time.

Obviously, it still isn't done, but I'm putting ETA at two, three days.

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18 hours ago, Jaska said:

This is inspired by that place. But I didn't wan't to make a mountain map so some difference..


You could always just recolor those mountains so that they look more like hills with forests along them.

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This is the best looking (and only) snowman I've seen in Doom (please ignore the battle scorches :P). Kudos to the creator.



(Circle of Caina SP, MAP08)

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1 hour ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

There are snowmen enemies in Massmouthmas and Turbo Charged Arcade II.


That's good to know, although what I like about this one is that it's a part of the map (i.e. it isn't just a sprite).

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Whitemare. I beat the first three maps today, will probably continue tomorrow.




It's dark in here.







Well, thank you. It's May 10 right now, but it's the thought that counts.



What could be in this-- OH SHIT AN IMP FIREBALL!

That fireball really did almost hit me, I don't know how I dodged it.



A hedge maze? I love hedge mazes!





We don't need no convection.


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8 hours ago, GoatLord said:

Is that's Hocus Pocus mod released? It looks fantastic.

Its not done yet.

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I haven't forgotten about you, still working on my project in UDMF format even more linedefs, sprites, and more.. Need some more time to release my wad in 2018


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But what's going on in the second picture? Party music? Fun time and I'm invited?


I wonder where all this is going xdd.





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