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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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So those are actually sprites? This is very interesting solution but its must be pain in as* to place all of them, though.

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Rain was one of pain. Each sector have skybox picker. Here are screenshots:

1. Just rain:



2. Skybox pickers.



3. My animated clouds. I know they are bad looking, but this was a test and I liked it.


Last updated version was made in 2010 october. Everything was made without models render (no gzdoombuilder yet) and pasting all this bushes, trees and others took long time.

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1 minute ago, Benjogami said:

Cleaning out my Doom folder and thought this screenshot deserved to live:

Heh, where's this one from?

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3 hours ago, Honey16 said:




Is that from your texture remake project? Looks good. Even wet, as flesh should be.

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Guest Unregistered account
8 hours ago, Jaska said:

Looked back on my "old" maps from 2016. Some of them looks actually nice. Gameplay isn't good. Odd I didn't notice that then. Progression is often too linear and fights are only from the front or otherwise boring.

I really love that architecture with the green torches, it just looks incredible. I can imagine a spiral staircase on the inside!

8 hours ago, Honey16 said:


These are just unbelievable. Seriously, fantastic job. I've never seen a hires Doom texture pack that didn't seem like a step down from the originals, but these look like classic Doom walls rendered in Doom 2016!

The amount of detail and slimy texture on them is great. Yuck.

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2 hours ago, Yugiboy85 said:

Soon, extremely soon. Been mapping all day. Should be done very very soon.


this looks awesome. what's this for?

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12 minutes ago, Tango said:


this looks awesome. what's this for?

It is THAT map. Seriously though, it is the sequel to "travelling to the moon". Though this time, you are on the moon so, it will have a different name haha

I've been working on it for about a year (+ a few months) and, it is expected to have a first release this weekend. Maybe later tonight (or morning/afternoon depending on where you live), if not, definitely tomorrow :)



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Welcome to Kaiser Corporation, Please, work for our lord master of fire and technology

Bases Kaiser.png

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22 minutes ago, Bridgeburner56 said:

So, I've been invited to join Elementalism and my first map is surreal/evil tech. I haven't had a proper go at a tech themed level in over 10 years so it was an interesting experience.




It should get a Cacoward. :)

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