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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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These were my last attempts to map before retiring for like the fifth time. :D


Guest level for Park Place:



Spooky wad dedicated to Michael Jackson and using a midi of Thriller:


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@StormCatcher.77 It's not your english, it's just that I don't understand the mechanics. xD I am very new to Doom mapping and thus have not a real grasp on those linedef things and voodoo dolls, etc. Just great work man, keep it up. The ceiling fan also looks amazing. You should finish that map. :D

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I choose to believe that's a 2-pixel tall revenant who lives on a shrub. Like some cartoon worm or something.

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8 hours ago, StormCatcher.77 said:


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Interesting looking here, like a more complex nonagram.

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Once upon a time, in my first map, I made a geometrically perfect pentagram-teleporter. I'm proud of that. It took some time. 

DAB79 at 2018.10.11 22-42-49.994 [R2787].jpg

DAB79 at 2018.10.11 22-43-14.140 [R2787].jpg

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a map for the D64EX CP


EDIT: moore, Finally figured out how the lighting works in D64EX, I like how this area turned out.



Edited by tempdecal.wad

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Got the true colour version of Dimension of the Boomed running. There's still some things to optimise to increase mod compatibility further, but it should be done by the weekend.


And yes, it runs Brutal Doom.

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2 minutes ago, Tango said:

what's the trick with stair builder? I think I am out of the loop

With stair builder, you can make curves, border sectors, and many other things (even stairs, but who uses it for that?) with little effort.

If you select a sector and use the stair builder tool, it will "draw" another sector within the one selected.

If you select two linedefs and use the tool, it will connect the two with "stairs" and you can use it to make neat and weird curves without having to draw them by hand.

It's remarkably useful for everything except what it's intended for.

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