This is the continuation of the "Post your Doom picture!" thread, which was the longest in the forum's history and had become so large that the forum software was straining under its weight.

The topic is simple: if you have any interesting Doom images, post them here. You may post screenshots of wads in progress if you wish.

Thumbnails are a good idea if you want to link to a bigger image. Most of the main image-uploading sites provide thumbnails that have a similar file-name to the image itself. For, the thumbnail image has "_th" added before the file extension. For imageshack, you add ".th" (so a jpg filename would end ".th.jpg"), and for, you add "s" for a small thumbnail or "m" for it to be medium sized. For photobucket, add "th_" at the start of the file-name. For, add "_e" before the file extension.