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Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

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On 7/30/2019 at 4:16 PM, Lila Feuer said:




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10 hours ago, franckFRAG said:

The layout looks like a rabid elephant/bull with big red eyes, playing tennis.

Thanks, I can no longer unsee that.

8 hours ago, pc234 said:

Is that the slade map editor



Force of habit. Was the first map editor I used so it's the one most familiar to me.

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I'm putting some new paint on Morbid Arena for Vilecore 1.2 (the map doesn't appear in Vilecore 2). I made a new entry area and put the switches in there so the player can't flip them all at once (one of my n00b mistakes from 19 years ago finally fixed.. heh). I made a few new textures for the map and I'm working on making it all less confusing to play through. Depending on which switch of four you click first, you end up encountering a different mob at least at the start. That was the initial design, but it was flawed since the player could always run around and click on them from below. Something I didn't realize until later. Anyhow here is a before and after shot.LYcVGKY.jpg


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4 hours ago, Eradrop said:

Avactor follow-up screenshot

So there will be techbases? Looks pretty consistent pallete wise, i dig the pale colors.

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