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Switcheroom demos [-complevel 3]

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This is a thread for Switcheroom demos. Use Ultimate Doom compatibility (complevel 3) in prboom-plus. Preferred demo naming pattern seems to be sXrY-123 where X denotes episode and Y denotes map.
***end of mod edit***

Switcheroom E1M1-E1M5 UV-Speed ILs.
E1M1: 0:14
E1M2: 0:48
E1M3: 0:36
E1M4: 0:34
E1M5: 1:21


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SWTCHRM.WAD is a 46-level vanilla megawad for DOOM1.

Demos attached:
E1M3 - UV Speed (secret exit) in 0:35
E1M9 - UV Speed in 0:35

to Mods:
The following posts in Misc pt3 should be merged into this thread:



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E2M6 and E2M7 are gonna be fun, as I'm not exactly a fan of either of those maps.

E2M5 was also fun, mainly because the red key room and the baron+plasma area were RNG hell, happy I managed a 47. I had a 55, wasn't satisified, got it down to 51, 49, and finally a 47. It can still be improved (along with all the other demos in this, E2M3 in particular I'm not happy with).

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E1 UV-Speed in 10:26. Not very good, I took it really safe in certain areas, it's still improvable by a lot.

M1: 0:19 Not how I wanted the run to start.
M2: 0:56 Anything sub 1:00 is okay, I'm happy with how this one went.
M3: 0:59 Lower health than I wanted to end up after grabbing the blue key.
M4: 1:09 Not sure about this one. I guess it's lucky if I'm even able to get through this one with any sort of speed (I took it a bit too safely though).
M5: 1:46 This was decent, a bit slow in parts.
M6: 1:31 Ugh, spectres are literally the worst thing. I lost a lot of time due to them blocking a certain lift.
M7: 3:03 I barely practiced this map, and it shows. The maze area in particular gives me issues despite having played it many times.
M8: 0:44 I DIDN'T practice this one, at all. Pinkies being annoying as usual.

(inb4 Cyber copies all my strats :P)


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I improved some demos.
E2M3 UV Speed in 59.97. Still needs work, but this took a while.
E1M9 Pacifist in 29. Probably sub-27 is possible.

inb4 AD beats e1m9 paci


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ezormer said:

e3m7 UV-Speed 0:57

Nice. The map seems easy to be just run through safely, indeed.

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