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First Speedmap ( 30 minutes )

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There's not much to say about this one. I guess my biggest complaint is that it's got an extremely linear structure: clear small room, open door, repeat. All the rooms are a bit too small and very flat. The pain elemental wasn't very effective and I was able to easily kill it through the door without taking any damage.

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Well, the map suffered from being too simple in structure, short, trivial, with no purposeful height variation etc. The first encounter was good as a starter, but then the map failed to continue well. Lost soul challenge was inefficient. The rest of the fights dragged (=were unnecessarily too long), the only one well-used enemy was the revenant. Archvile could have been easily skipped. Okay for a speedmap, but as you're a beginner, better take your time to practice seriously.

EDIT: Also, the map crashes Zandronum because "linedefs 146 and 147 are missing a front sidedef".

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