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I wanna challenge the mappers!

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Well i'm protox a newbie on this forum, i was there most to help freedoom but thats not the topic ---

What i want is "i want to see us good mappers to prove your abilityes on mapping doing a good (at least playable) map whit the current rules:

Your map CANNOT have more than 2 Textures.
Your map CANNOT have more than 2 Flats but F_SKY1 is free for use outside of this rules
You CANNOT use any offset on tetures, but you are free for use UPPERUNPEGED and LOWERUNPEEGED flags.

but now us say, "challenge is easy why you dont do yourself so"

so is there...

well that project dont have my copyrights yet but this wad is mine and i can prove it if nessesary whit the old files in my computer, well the wad is not on idstuff and maybe i think of i can upload somewhere else to be there (if no i'll remove the link via moderator PM)

here is my wad (actualy is my small duel project, but the target is only the challenge please).


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Magnusblitz said:

Sounds very similar to the Monochrome Mapping Project

I agree, it's already been here. I have to say, though, I've had a similar idea of making maps with 2 main texture themes throughout each one, but not really strict. I'd prefer it that way, actually, to be able to use at least doors and switches and exit signs and similar textures freely.

As I know myself, I probably won't manage to finish a single map anyway, though. :(

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