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Uzi in Doom?

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Anyone know or remember if Uzis were ever done well in Doom? An Uzi (chaingun'ish ROF, shotgun-like reload, key-2 toggle) and a Super-Uzi (1.5x chaingun ROF, no reload, key-4 toggle) would be really cool. Would make the green ammo boxes worth more and be a nice resort for when you're cornered against an enemy with high pain threshold...

Blood (or was it Shadow Warrior) had a good looking Uzi but I suppose that one might be a tad large?

Anyhoo, just one of several ideas kicking around, for stuff that would compliment the default game balance of Doom II.

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Soundblock said:

Anyone know or remember if Uzis were ever done well in Doom?

Of course. Adventures of Square have an awesome Oozi weapon.

Aside from that, sprite-wise, these Uzis look good:

http://realm667.com/index.php/en/armory-mainmenu-157-97317/59-doom-style/642-uzi - Uzi from Shadow Warrior in Doomguy's hand

http://realm667.com/index.php/en/armory-mainmenu-157-97317/doom-style-mainmenu-158-94349/1365-micro-uzi - Micro Uzi

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Da Werecat said:

And let's not forget about Hacx.

Damn right, coolest gun ever! Burns through the ammo super fast though, heh.

Aaahh, Hacx ... is there another TC like that? Cyberpunk?

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Cory Whittle, he of making really awesome Edge mods (about the only good Edge mods that got finished), uploading them for 5 minutes, then deleting everything and insisting they need "tweaks" (which take 5 years), made A cool Uzi and dual Uzi in his weapons mod (which I've now forgotten the name of). They used the Shadow Warrior sprite, but with mods. The duals took ages to reload!

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If I'm not mistaken, I think Russian Overkill also has an Uzi, but honestly I don't know a lot about guns, so I could be wrong.

EDIT: I mean, the one the SS nazis drop, that's an Uzi, right?

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