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Wolfenstein Megawad Level One and Feedback.

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Okay hey I'm back with only one map, but I have really put tons of work into this megawad. I'm making the first episode of Wolfenstein 3-D, which actually takes place at wolfenstein, and mixing in some of the occult stuff. So like, I don't want to say it's like RTCW, but it's exactly like RTCW.

I only have one map done, which enters into the second which is still a work in progress with no difficulty levels set up but feel free to play that if you want. The first level is completely finished but I would like to upload it and give you guys a teaser of this and would like some feedback like usual.

When I say it's like RTCW, I don't mean "exactly". I've made my own story for this but ya know, you could very easily compare it to RTCW even though I'm making this a lot different.

Sorry the file is so big for one map, I still got some trimming to do in Slade and stuff, but it's getting there...

Anyways, thanks if you download and please tell me how shitty I'm doing. Goodbye.


Edit : Oh yeah, I put i'm making episode one of wolf3d, but it's gonna be 32 levels, didn't know if that was clear.

Also I know they are unpegged...sorry I guess.

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Hoodie said:

Sorry the file is so big for one map,

You could have zipped it, at least.

Well... The wad mixes resources from Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein games and Realm667 bestiary. I also suspect that you've just slapped the monsters in, keeping the DECORATE files as they were? Some of the monsters are underpowered (dogs), others are overpowered but with bad aim (those shotgun guards or whatever they are). Weapon 3 has a buggy muzzle flash animation (and bigger weapons are strangely underpowered). None of the resources is given credit to, whatsoever, with the exception of R667 monsters including CREDIT files. You should go out with the truth and correct that.

As for the levels themselves: Inspiration by Wolfenstein3D is interesting, but totally unimpressive for the player. Flat and maze-y layouts, with a fair share of orthogonality, pointless side rooms, and slow hitscanner-heavy gameplay... All of these design choices are "stale" nowadays. I don't know what to do about it. I didn't like already the first corridors with numerous side rooms without a point, a similar trend of "rooms for the sake of rooms" followed. Exploring extensive environments fails to be fun when the environment is so basic and also same-y and "random". There were HOMs in ZDoom (I suppose this was made with OpenGL in mind), and one part of the map had inescapable damaging pits, which isn't good at all, either.

Hmm... As long as you enjoy making levels like these, keep it up. But be warned that the principle itself (emulating stale and limited design) is weak and won't be easily accepted by any audience, unless you make it somehow very exciting and special, which I cannot imagine. Your effort might not be worth the result.

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With the credit stuff, in the "trimming" I have to do, I'm also gonna add just one big credit page. Also the monsters from realm 667 were chosen because I wanted more realistic looking demons.

The dog is meant to be a weak enemy encountered in early levels.
The rifle guard is meant to be the strongest guard, but I guess I should use him sparingly?

Yeah the mp40 is causing tons of problems...it's all underway...

As for the room layouts, all of those rooms are cells, and since you are escaping from the dungeon, there would be other cells. But I guess I could just put a see-through gate up instead, so my bad. I want to make this as if it was it's own game, like back when doom clones were popular.

Maybe i'm only making shit for myself.

But yeah, everything is underway, so don't worry about the later weapons yet, sorry i'm just lazy and excited at the same time.

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Many of the weapons are just lifted from ww-nazis-v2.pk3 with the Decorate code thrown out. It took painstaking hours getting these weapons to look and sound just right, especially the FG42 and G43 rifles which contain significant portions of my own work, editing in graphics programs and mixing sounds in wave editors. If you wanted to use those, the least you could have done was ask me first, at which point I would have told you that you're free to use them as long as you're giving credit for them (to EVERYONE involved, not just me).

But since I was never asked or informed and had to discover this by downloading your file and tooling around with it for a few minutes, I'm rather dissatisfied. Please either include full credits or find different resources to use.

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Here are some resources you can use that I made:

Shadowless, cropped Wolfenstein sprites(It's the one called "no shadows" in the zip) that are from a sprite fixing project I'm working on for Wolfenstein 3D. Also I made the shadows for all the hanging sprites into separate sprites, so you're not limited to 64 pixel tall ceilings for certain decorations.


I also have all the AdLib Sounds from Wolfenstein 3d and Spear of Destiny:

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WildWeasel said:

Please either include full credits or find different resources to use.

Oh my god WW I am so fucking sorry. I respect you so much and i'm just really embarrassed, I was gonna put you in the credits I swear I was. I just wanted to use your sprites because they're awesome.

I'll take the wad down and...not "release" anything until everything is sorted out. I was just excited in my work and was stupid.

Again i'm sorry and will be more professional later.

Also to PSTrooper, thank you for those, but i'm gonna have to go back to drawing board with this mod, if I use your stuff I'll tell you.

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