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Stopping telefrag on actor with skulltag.

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I'm currently working on a giant open area boss battle. The boss is huge, and the map has 3 monster spawners and is scattered with monster targets. This quickly became a problem as they could easily telefrag the boss. I tried adding +NOTELEFRAG to the decorate of the boss but skulltag doesn't recognize the flag. I can't put the spawns or targets midair because doom doesn't support it for whatever reason. So, how could I stop the boss from getting telefragged?

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First, nobody uses Skulltag nowadays, check Zandronum's latest release. If you want to keep Skulltag actors, no problem, Zandronum comes with skulltag_actors.pk3.

Zandronum has added some of newer ZDoom features, but still not all, by far not. If +NOTELEFRAG won't work even in Zandronum, try this:

DamageFactor "Telefrag", 0.0
BUT, monster spawners (as they work by default) will always spawn a monster, I believe, even if they spawn it inside another monster or object. Consider changing the function of monster spawners, finding some hacky way to not use A_SpawnFly, spawn monsters via SpawnItemEx, or something like that.

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Buu342 said:

The boss is huge,

Which means size restrictions can constrain its movement without affecting smaller monsters. You could put a low ceiling or something around the spawn spots to keep the boss from stepping on them while allowing the spawned monsters to move freely.

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