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Forgotten Quarters: A Small Speed Map

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Forgotten Quarters: A small speed map by me, Egregor


This Level requires The CC4-tex resource. If you don't have this, it can be downloaded here:

This map was an attempt to get back to basics to create (and finish) something small with fun and balanced gameplay. Because of this the visuals and texturing are rather bland, so forgive me for that. Both UV and HMP available. Feedback welcome. Thanks!

UPDATE: Beta2 no longer uses D_RUNNIN, it now uses song07 from Freedoom!

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It was pretty good for a simple and small map, let alone speedmap. Minimum detail = no problem, and the map actually wasn't bland in my view. Textures were aligned, architecture made sense and was easily navigable... All right. I liked the difficulty, a few chaingunners and revenants don't set it too high, but high enough to not make it trivial. Nice.

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